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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Queen's Colony
Journal Level 5 (Tier 1)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Queen's Colony more
How to Start Examine the mermaid statue under water at near Razortooth Falls ( 4, -13, -80 ) /waypoint 4, -13, -80

What does this information mean?


"I found a statue under the waters of the isle that appears to be a lesser deity named Lasydia. After reading the inscription chiseld on it I feel a great need to make the waters around me safer. My immediate thought is to remove the threat to others that the razortooth sharks pose.

It is Lasydia's desire that I slay 5 razortooth sharks."



Lasydia, mermaid of Queen's Colony.

  1. Examine Lasydia's statue under water not far from Razortooth Falls.
    • Examining the statue provides you with an automatic 12 minute buff that allows you to breath under water.
    • Razortooth sharks are not plentiful. You may run out of air before you find all the sharks you need to complete the quest.
  2. Kill 5 razortooth sharks.


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