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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Provisioner
Race Human
Zone Antonica (Shattered Lands)
Location At the bar inside the Windstalker Village mill ( -1895, -36, -612 ) /waypoint -1895, -36, -612


Antonia Ale (Alcoholic)1s 40c
Dwarven Ale (Alcoholic)7s
Elven Wine (Alcoholic)8s 40c
Gnomish Spirits (Alcoholic)9s 80c
Lucan's Lager (Alcoholic)1s 40c
Oggok Swill (Alcoholic)14s
Teir'dal Blood Wine (Alcoholic)12s 60c

Level 1 - [information needed]Edit

canteen of murky water11c
chopped pecans8c
crunchy noodles8c
dried bread3c
fish sticks8c
sliced jumjum8c
venison ribs8c

Related QuestsEdit

The Maiden of Masks - part of the Illusionist Epic Weapon Timeline


Available items are filtered based on your adventuring level.

  • Will buy items at approximately 25% less than regular merchants.

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