Notes Edit

There are random public quests all over Norrath spawning.
The public quest will be gone, as soon as the mobs have been killed!
You may have to chrono mentor to an appropriate level to be able to hit the mobs.
The public quests will will show up as a blue areas on the map. You can also right click on the mini map, and deselect all but the "other" check boxes. This will allow the PQ icon to stand out.


The public quests spawn in the following difficulties:

  • Solo (no arrow up)
  • Heroic
  • Epic X2
  • Epic X4


Feel free to add more locations


Completing the public quests reward you with two types of medals:

  • Crusader's Medal
  • Defender's Medal

Which can be exchanged at the Merchants


You can trade the Medal's for housing and appearance items as well as leveling gear and adornments recipes

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