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Notes Edit

There are random public quests all over Norrath spawning.
The public quest will be gone, as soon as the mobs have been killed!
You may have to chrono mentor to an appropriate level to be able to hit the mobs.
The public quests will will show up as a blue areas on the map. You can also right click on the mini map, and deselect all but the "other" check boxes. This will allow the PQ icon to stand out.

  • Note: EQ2Map is up to date now


The public quests spawn in the following difficulties:

  • Solo (no arrow up)
  • Heroic
  • Epic X2
  • Epic X4


Feel free to add more locations

Thalumbra PQ strategy Edit


There are 5 Dimensional Gateways around the perimeter of the battle area. Mobs spawn from them and all 5 must be destroyed in the time limit.

To destroy them you need crafters - talk to the NPC Benly Staticbringer in the middle of the battlefield to receive 'Transmutated dark energy' - you can hail him multiple times to get bulk. You also need 'Kralet Penumbra remnant' which can be harvested as the Aberrants are killed. One you have both items in quantity you can click on one of 4 anchors (white globes on ground) around the gateways, to craft and destroy them. Once all 4 are destroyed turn attention to the Dimensional Gateway as it can now be damaged. One down move onto the next Gatweway and repeat this process until all are disposed of.

Anyone intending to craft needs to bring lots of their TS thaumic fuel, as there is no fuel merchant brave enough to face the battle. (Although if you have a censer from the TS sig you can always summon that)


The Thing from the Abyss will appear in the middle of the battlefield. It cannot be damaged until someone in your vicinity has the Octogogg Brain buff, so no point DPSing him until some have been crafted. Keep full range from it also, or it will one shot you.

In the meantime you need to concentrate on pulling back and killing the 2 types of mobs that emerge from the Abyss. If you are crafting, harvest from an Octoyogg Thrall when dead to receive 'chitin terror fangs'. Click on the hunting Octoyogg when it's dead to be able to craft the Octoyogg Brain Essence. Each one lasts for 30 secs, so best to craft 4 - 6 and then everyone can run in within 10m of THE BUFFED TOON, and hard DPS the Boss.

On the text: "You will soon be devoured" joust out to max range until the Thing pounces. (Thanks Ansom)

<Trigger R="You will soon be devoured" SD="Joust" ST="3" CR="F" C="Thalumbra, the Ever Deep" T="F" TN="" Ta="F" />

Such fun!!

Three hour respawn time?


Completing the public quests reward you with two types of medals:

  • Crusader's Medal
  • Defender's Medal

Which can be exchanged at the Merchants


You can trade the Medal's for housing and appearance items as well as leveling gear and adornments recipes

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