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Kyle Antihilus Bayle the Curse-Bearer was the firstborn son of Antonius Bayle III, ruler of Qeynos.

Kyle was charged by his father with the expansion of Qeynosian power and the extent of Antonica, and set out with a contingent of soldiers under his command. Kyle was never heard from by Qeynosians again.

In truth, he founded the colony of New Qeynos. The colony was destroyed, and Kyle was killed. However, his soul lived on in a void creature. The land of New Qeynos was part of what came to be known as the Dead Hills. According to Antonia Bayle, this region was lost during The Rending.

A set of armor either attributed to Kyle Bayle or fashioned after a set related to him has been documented, known as Kyle Bayle's Dogma (Armor Set).

Kyle is mentioned in a scroll in the Obelisk of Lost Souls as being a knowledge vessel, vital to the researches of the inhabitants of The Void. He considers Enoxus, the Qeynos Claymore, to be his sword.

Transcription of Kyle Bayle's Words in EverQuest II Edit

Kyle Antihilus Bayle, true firstborn of Antonius Bayle III, rightful heir to the throne of Qeynos.

Banished from my homeland, I founded a new kingdom south of the Rathe Mountains, a kingdom that was cursed to fall. I perished along with all my subjects, but even death was not the end of my curse.

My tormented soul was wrenched from the ethernere in a blasphemous droag ritual, and consumed by one of their defiled shades. I was annihilated, a fate worse than death. But I came to be again.

From the deepest vortex of oblivion, a voice spoke my name, the voice of my Master. He called me back into existence and showed me my true purpose. The last shred of my soul awoke within the shade of Bylze that had consumed me.

I was ruined and pitiful, but possessed a new will far greater than a droag's petty spirit. In the end, I consumed him, and eventually tricked a foolish band of adventurers into freeing me. It was only a matter of time before I found my way into your friend's dreams, ate his soul and took his body. It was destiny.


Conquer? HA! The Kingdom has always been mine by right, but all my master and I require from you is my sword, the Qeynos Claymore! I know you have it hidden somewhere in the city. Tell me where it is and I will spare you.


A shame, I would have preferred to let you live. Even now I have some lingering loyalty to the family. Know that your death will have no meaning or purpose, for I have already uncovered the Order of Marr and given their names to my allies. The void men will take them one by one, and then they will find the sword and your beloved Qeynos will burn! Prepare to die!

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