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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Armorsmith
Race Ogre
Zone Kylong Plains (Rise of Kunark)
Location Teren's Grasp, forge outside the Hall of Teren Rysis ( 2105, 520, -959 ) /waypoint 2105, 520, -959


  • All coal fuels for crafting
Items for salePrice
tynnonite brigandine boots19g 65s 60c
tynnonite brigandine chestguard29g 48s 40c
tynnonite brigandine handguards21g 62s 16c
tynnonite brigandine helm23g 58s 72c
tynnonite brigandine leggings25g 55s 28c
tynnonite brigandine shoulder pads23g 58s 72c
tynnonite brigandine wristguards19g 65s 60c
tynnonite chainmail boots19g 65s 60c
tynnonite chainmail bracers19g 65s 60c
tynnonite chainmail coat29g 48s 40c
tynnonite chainmail coif23g 58s 72c
tynnonite chainmail gloves21g 62s 16c
tynnonite chainmail leggings25g 55s 28c
tynnonite chainmail mantle23g 58s 72c
tynnonite platemail breastplate29g 48s 40c
tynnonite platemail gauntlets21g 62s 16c
tynnonite platemail helm23g 58s 72c
tynnonite platemail legplates25g 55s 28c
tynnonite platemail pauldrons23g 58s 72c
tynnonite platemail tonlets19g 65s 60c
tynnonite platemail vambraces19g 65s 60c
tynnonite vanguard barbute23g 58s 72c
tynnonite vanguard cuirass29g 48s 40c
tynnonite vanguard gauntlets21g 62s 16c
tynnonite vanguard greaves25g 55s 28c
tynnonite vanguard gussets19g 65s 60c
tynnonite vanguard sabatons19g 65s 60c
tynnonite vanguard spaulders23g 58s 72c

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