Kunark Ascending Crafting Timeline
Recommended Levels 100 to 100
Introduced: Kunark Ascending
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: see Starting Zones
Preceded by: Terrors of Thalumbra Crafting Timeline, Artisan Epic Timeline

Adventures, please see the Kunark Ascending Timeline.

About this TimelineEdit

  • This quest timeline includes the usual tradeskill content with a game expansion release: new recipes for abilities, recipes for gear, recipes for house items and so on.
  • This timeline includes the "Tradeskill (or Artisan) Epic 2.0" quest series, which grants powerful tradeskill-themed rewards. Those who have completed the Artisan Epic Timeline will be familiar with the long and challenging nature of such a series.

Requirements for CompletionEdit

Requirements to complete this series include:

Optional QuestEdit

Pirates! is an optional quest with its own requirements.

Notes for crafting during the questsEdit

  • All of the recipes used in this quest series auto-scribe, meaning you never have to search your inventory for a scroll or similar.
  • All of the crafting is done near the locations where the recipes are gained or the NPCs are engaged. All of the crafting is done at non-traditional stations, like podiums (spells) and NPC firepits.
  • Massproduction doesn't work for quest update (It usually doesn't for any tradeskill quest)

Quest - Source - Special RewardEdit

  1. An Urgent Call - Mail from Brytthel in Maldura
  2. Forging Onwards - Elanuelle in Thalumbra
  3. Into The Spire - Elanuelle in Thalumbra
  4. Not Dead Yet - Vhesh / Obulus Frontier Beach
  5. Getting Hooked - Kreeg / Obulus Frontier Beach
  6. Feeling Crabby - Kreeg / Obulus Frontier Beach
  7. Hung Out to Dry - Kreeg / Obulus Frontier Beach
  8. Live Bait - Kreeg / Obulus Frontier Beach
  9. Gathering Shinies - Vhesh / Obulus Frontier Beach
  10. Losers, Weepers - Vhesh / Obulus Frontier Beach
  11. Requesting Blessing - Vhesh / Obulus Frontier Beach
  12. A Finding Charm - Glibnox / Twark
  13. A Mission of Mercy - Glibnox / Twark
  14. Bone Collecting - Glibnox / Twark
  15. Scrying Eyes - Glibnox / Twark
  16. Deeper Disguise - Trooper Selisk / Crusader's Cave - faction disguise for Greenmist Crusaders
  17. Gone Astray - Trooper Sokszar / Crusader's Cave
  18. Figurine the Profits - Skethusk / Crusader's Cave
  19. Search and Rescue - Examine a Collection of Goblin Items - Charm that allows travel to Twark
  20. Stranger Friends - Glibnox / Twark
  21. Dying of Bore-dom - Lyraquel / Nye'Caelona
  22. Soil and Trouble - Lyraquel / Nye'Caelona
  23. Process of Elimination - Lyraquel / Nye'Caelona
  24. Choose the Slug Life - Lyraquel / Nye'Caelona
  25. The Final Blow - Brytthel / Nye'Caelona in Obulus Frontier


Near the end of this quest series you are given the option to relinquish the ability Artisan's Gathering Goblin and replace it with a goblin that will "garden" for you instead, allowing you to gather a rare material.

  1. Guardian of Growf
  2. Blessing of Growf
  3. Protector of Growf
  4. Seeds of Growf - needed for The Gardens Are In Bloom
  5. Tree of Growf
  6. Budding Progress
  7. Home Sickness
  8. The Gardening Goblin

Weekly Quests** Edit

from Oogthor in Twark after Choose the Slug Life

Once you finished your epic 2.0, those daily crafting quests in have a chance to reward you with:

    • Only one quest is considered "weekly", Snacky Snacks. The rest are "dailies" that you can do one per day or all at one time with a reset a full seven days after you do them.

Needed Materials for Daily Quests

  • Chokidai droppings (4) - gathered locally at /way 393, -202, -175 only when you have the quest
  • Chokidai hide (4) - you are provided with these by the quest-giver
  • Astringent herb (4) - gathered locally in Twark only when you have the quest


Recipe booksEdit

Are sold by Scribbleclaw in Obulus Frontier at 77, -165, -722 in Twark

Grandmaster RewardsEdit

Though many rewards are granted as your progress, the key rewards include a mount that has both adventure and crafting stats and a cloak suited to your crafting class. These come from completing the end-line quests, The Final Blow and Time is Short.

Grandmaster Reward UpgradesEdit

You can upgrade the Cloak at Scribbleclaw in Obulus Frontier at ( 77, -165, -722 ) /waypoint 77, -165, -722 in Twark

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