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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Signature
Journal Level 100 (Tier 11)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone see Starting the Quest below
How to Start Mail from Queen Alwenielle
part of: Kunark Ascending Timeline
Preceded by:
Followed by:
Kunark Ascending: Opportunity 'Noks

What does this information mean?

This quest unlocks zone access for your entire account (without combat) in high level zones, therefore, completing it on your highest level, best-geared character is advised.

While this is true, there are NO QUESTS, and therefore No Way To Gain Faction with any Kunark Ascending beings without finishing this quest and/or the Tradeskill line. Be aware that this timeline gives you faction with part of Obulus Frontier, and the Tradeskill side gives faction with another part, and ne're the twain do meet. You don't have to do both, but Tradeskillers who only do that line will be unable (AFAIK) to gain faction with Nye'Caelona, which is needed for the mount/secondary upgrade merchant

Starting the QuestEdit

  1. Read the Mail from Queen Alwenielle Note: If you have lost your original Mail, goto Jerol (-90.30 -2.52 80.58) in Mara to get a new one.
  2. Queen Alwenielle would like me to assist her with the last Chaos Stone and meet her at Tylwyth's Hut in Zou'Lidelas.


Blushing umbrite2

Blushing Umbrite

  1. Speak with Queen Cristanos in Neriak or Queen Amree in Kelethin depending on your alignment
  2. Travel to Thalumbra, the Ever Deep by clicking the tinkered portal-gate ( 299, 128, 311 ) /waypoint 299, 128, 311 if in Kelethin or ( 28, 4, 318 ) /waypoint 28, 4, 318 if in Neriak, City of Hate.
  3. Speak with Queen Alwenielle ( -333, 240, 384 ) /waypoint -333, 240, 384 in Thalumbra, the Ever Deep
  4. Gather 8 Blushing Umbrite around Penumbra Expansion ( 557, 37, -683 ) /waypoint 557, 37, -683 or Aberrant Isle ( 220, 34, -869 ) /waypoint 220, 34, -869
    • Note: Aberrant Isle is full of ^^^ mobs. Blushing umbrite is a small white geode with a red hue radiating off it. Not trackable.
  5. Return to Queen Alwenielle ( -333, 240, 384 ) /waypoint -333, 240, 384
  6. Queen Alwenielle has sent me into the Arcanna'se Spire with the imitation Chaos Stone in hand. Her plan must work!
    1. Enter Arcanna'se Spire: Revealed ( -60, 16, 166 ) /waypoint -60, 16, 166 in Abyssal Chasm.

      The Gate Seal looks like a blowing sheet of paper.

    2. Collect an Arcane Gate Seal spell somewhere behind the second door to the left after zone in. The location is random but not gated behind aggro mobs. It looks like a sheet of paper that is flapping in a breeze (see example to the right).
      • Note: pages found in either Library with podium ( 127, 2, 7 ) /waypoint 127, 2, 7, or "Binding room" on table against wall ( 155, 3, -70 ) /waypoint 155, 3, -70
    3. Click a scribe's Arcane Podium at ( 145, 3, 15 ) /waypoint 145, 3, 15 twice to activate the spell and open the doors.
    4. Return back to the center room at ( 0, 0, 46 ) /waypoint 0, 0, 46 then through the first door to the right after the zone in door.
    5. Find the crystal for the damaged portal anchor at a random location in the room at ( -48, 4, 20 ) /waypoint -48, 4, 20. This is a blue shard or orb somewhere on the floor.
    6. Retrieve it and repair the damaged portal anchor at ( 55, 1, 25 ) /waypoint 55, 1, 25 through the first door to the left of the zone-in door.
    7. Click the teleporter behind you at ( 53, 1, 21 ) /waypoint 53, 1, 21.
    8. Speak to Queen Alwenielle. Follow her to the crystal.
    9. Speak with Queen Alwenielle. Receive an Imitation Chaos Stone.
    10. Switch the Chaos Stone for the imitation. Click the Zou Crystalline at ( -470, 30, -53 ) /waypoint -470, 30, -53.
    11. Listen to the dialogue between Queen Alwenielle, Tserrina Syl'Tor and Lanys T'vyl.
    12. Queen Alwenielle must get you and the crystal to safety! You will be ported away by Queen Alwenielle.
      • Note:!! Warning, screen will become completely BRIGHT WHITE !!
    13. Automatic QST update upon teleport to Obulus Frontier; you also receive the Chaos Stone.
      • Note:make sure you recast your mount


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