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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Access  (AA)
Journal Level 18 (Tier 2)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone North Freeport more
How to Start Talk to Kanos X'aphon near the sewer entrance in North Freeport
part of: Commonlands Timeline
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  1. Talk to Tundis N'oxyle at the entrance to Fallen Gate.
  2. Tundis requires you to prove yourself by killing some of the sandstone giants (level 18^-19^) that roam the Yapping Maze for 5 auto-updating stones.
  3. Return to Tundis who will tell you there will be a ceremony to grant you your key to Fallen Gate.
  4. Return to Kanos X'aphon and inform him of your findings.
  5. He will then inform you to gather a group (not really needed). When you tell him you are ready he will port you to an instanced zone of a five room Freeport house.
  6. Inside the instance are level 12-14 enemies. The boss, Inana V'Sorn, is level 14^^ with two 14^ honor guards. You can either clear the zone, or invis directly to the upstairs patio where Inana is. Kill Inana and her 2 Honor Guardians to get the quest update.
    • There is another boss in the basement, who does not update the quest, but gives an opportunity for treasure: Tyvalis V'Sorn (level 14^^, three 14 friends).
  7. When you walk back down to the zone entrance, you will see Kanos waiting for you. Hail him for quest completion and zone out.


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