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Kerra (Character Race)

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Kerra (Character Race) Male

Kerra Male

Kerra (Character Race) Female

Kerra Female

Race Information
Home Cities: Qeynos

Overview Edit

Kerra trace their ancestry back to their first great leader, Kejaan. He travelled the continent of Odus, uniting the various tribes into one kingdom and ushering in an era of peace and prosperity. One day, Erud and his High Men arrived to settle the continent. This splinter group of humans took over much kerra land; even worse, a great plague infected many and caused massive deaths. The Kerra blamed the Heretics and their study of necromancy. Kejaan succumbed to the plague, leaving his son Vah Kerrath as leader. He vowed to make the Heretics pay.

During the civil war between the Erudite and the Heretics, a huge explosion of mystical forces teleported an entire kerra village to the dark side of the moon of Luclin. Vah Kerrath survived this journey and renamed his lost tribe the Vah Shir. The Kerra on Norrath scattered; some went west to settle Kerra Isle, others east to a tiny island in Erud's Crossing, and others fled deep into the Stonebrunt Mountains. Much later, a path to Luclin was breached and some of the Vah Shir returned to Kerra Isle, breeding a new, stronger people.

Kerra Traditions Edit

Choose one of these every 10th level up to 90.
Name Effect Duration
Spirit of Vah Kerrath Grants a level-dependent increase to INT.Passive
Kejaan's Inspiration Grants a level-dependent increase to STR.Passive
Nimble Paws Increases Disruption and Defense by 5.0. Passive
Clawed Strikes Increases Crushing and Slashing by 5.0. Passive
Murrar Shar's Guidance Increases Casting Speed and Double Attack by 1.0% Passive
Quiet Storm Increases all Crit Chances by 1.0% and Deflection and Shield by 1.0. Passive
Shamanistic Fasting Increases tradeskilled food duration by 15%Passive
Ancestral Blessing Increases out-of-combat Health Regeneration by a level-dependent amount. Passive
Natural Athlete Reduces initial power cost of Sprint by 33%, increases sprinting speed by 10. Passive
Kerra Speed Increases out-of-combat run speed by 5.0%.Passive
Tribal KnowledgeIncreases your mana pool by 3.0%.Passive
Spiritual BoonIncreases Max Health by 3.0%.Passive
AdaptableIncreases elemental mitigation based on level.Passive
Fur CoatIncreases physical mitigation based on level.Passive
Agile CreationsIncreases success chance by 2.0%.Passive
Prehensile TailIncreases progress gain by 2.0%.Passive
Gift of the LandReduces power cost of Alchemy reaction arts by 10%.Passive
Timber ShaperIncreases Fletching by 5.0.Passive
Chasing Balls of YarnIncreases Tailoring by 5.0.Passive
Innate Abilities
SonicvisionHighlights moving creatures.2 hrs., recast 2 sec.
Feline GraceGrants the skill Safefall.Passive
Feral RageIncreases in-combat movement speed by 50%.1.0 sec. casting, 5 min. recast, 36.0 sec. duration
TrackingTracks a selected target, causing a trail to appear that leads to their location.2.0 sec. casting

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