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EverQuest II Zone Information
Introduced Echoes of Faydwer Kal
Level Range 30-39
Adjacent Zones Butcherblock Mountains
Instance Public
Timelines Kaladim Timeline
Quests NPCs Monsters Named Monsters
Drops Instances POIs Discos

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Kaladim exterior

The Gates of Kaladim

Note that Kaladim was reworked with LU55 and Sentinel's Fate for a more streamlined progression. Kaladim used to be a level 60-69's dungeon.Edit

Ring EventsEdit

Guard TowersEdit

    • (-161,45,-239)
    • (-117,45,-222)
    • Clear the mobs on each level to spawn a new set of mobs. Clear the new mobs to spawn the tower boss. Avoid fighting in the middle room as the mobs on the top floor will aggro.

Ogrebane ArenaEdit

Bank VaultEdit

    • Opened with a blasting keg dropped from NPC Great Grenadier Gonga - as of the revamp he's a 100% spawn
      • Loot [a blasting keg] from the chest he drops. Will drop when grey.
      • Place the keg in a niche in the bank wall at ( -6, 26, -222 ) /waypoint -6, 26, -222. An interact hand pops up when the mouse is over the spot - left click to place the keg
    • Kill the Grungetalon treasurers and Grungetalon usurers on both floors.
    • Once all the Grungetalons in the bank are down, four Ratillik hunters spawn.


Keg HoldEdit

Underfoot CathedralEdit

  1. Kill the monsters by the pool of water in the south room: four Terrok bulwarks, then a Grungetalon geochanter and two A crystal construct.
  2. In the middle room, kill the groups of monsters surrounding the inactive Avatar of Below. One Grungetalon chipper, one Grungetalon infuser, one Grungetalon packer and a Ratillik overseer. There will be two of these groups. There is a chance for Chiselmaster Unekee to spawn instead of one of the Ratillik overseers.
  3. In the north room, kill the groups of Serilian knights and King Caertex.
  4. In the middle room, wait for the Avatar of Below to become active, then kill it.


For a list of possible Expert "blue shiny" spawn points for this zone, see this list.

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