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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Castleview Hamlet
Journal Level 5 (Tier 1)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Castleview Hamlet more
How to Start Kwa Stalwart
part of: Qeynos Racial Timeline
Preceded by:
Marr's Witness
Followed by:
No Rest for the Followers of Marr

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  1. Talk to Kwa Stalwart. He tells you that the Tad Maiden, Graac Justheart needs your help.
  2. Talk to Graac Justheart ( 797, -16, 103 ) /waypoint 797, -16, 103 on the lawn to the West of Kwa and up the stairs. She is watching the young Froglok Tads and needs more water for them. But first you must get a barrel from Carpenter Goroop.
  3. Talk to Carpenter Goroop ( 747, -12, -100 ) /waypoint 747, -12, -100 in The Stalwart Shield. Tell him there is no further word of the Ogre, but Graac Justheart sent you for a barrel. He gives you a waterproof barrel.
  4. Go to the fountain ( 800, -17, -156 ) /waypoint 800.00, -16.94, -155.60 in the Northwest corner of town, by The Bed and Book Inn.
  5. Stand in the water and inspect the barrel. Open your packs and double click on the barrel. In the blue dialog window, click on the yellowish text at the bottom "Fill the barrel with water at the Fountain of Valor." The barrel fills. Click the rest of the dialog, to advance the quest.
  6. Return to Graac. She tells you to walk cautiously, because the Tads are in puddles on the ground. It seems that an Ogre appeared and scared her. She accidentally knocked over one of the barrels.
  7. Pick up Tads from the tad barrel weeds. Click on the tad barrel weeds until you have found four Froglok tads hidden in the weeds.
  8. Talk to Graac. She thanks you for your aid in returning the Tads.
  9. Return to Kwa, who rewards you.