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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category The Sundered Frontier  (AA)
Journal Level 81 (Tier 9)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone The Sundered Frontier more
How to Start Speak with Zafirah Aamira ( 1658, -267, 3176 ) /waypoint 1658, -267, 3176
part of: The Sundered Frontier Timeline
Preceded by:
Kill 10 Rats
Followed by:
There Must Be Something More...

What does this information mean?


Zafirah has given you an illusion potion so you can mingle in the caves to the northeast ( 1446, -125, 3064 ) /waypoint 1446, -125, 3064 where the vermin seem to be concentrating. She has asked that you seek out any signs that the vermin are intelligent. Note that you cannot have your mount on when using the illusion form. Mining or gathering collectibles while in illusion form causes the illusion to break.

Note: you must be minimum of level 78 in order to use the charm and change illusion form. You can get a replacement illusion from Zafirah by hailing her. Mining cancels the illusion and you have to get another one.
  1. Use the illusion potion and look for signs that the vermin are intelligent.(You have to cancel your mount for it to work)
    • A stack of books ( 1306, -150, 3122 ) /waypoint 1306, -150, 3122
    • A cooking pot ( 1299, -170, 3207 ) /waypoint 1299, -170, 3207
    • An open book ( 1275, -170, 3202 ) /waypoint 1275, -170, 3202
    • A weapon rack ( 1280, -168, 3255 ) /waypoint 1280, -168, 3255
  2. Return to Zafirah Aamira


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