EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Drowned Caverns
Journal Level Scales with player level
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Sundered Splitpaw: Splitpaw Den more
How to Start Talk to Khol Mudflank at ( -63, -73, -164 ).

What does this information mean?


Scales to Player up to Level 60

Steps Edit

  1. Zone into Drowned Caverns: Outer Grotto
  2. Zone into The Drowned Caverns: Hot Water
  3. Kill The Ghastly Rosch Mal (-96, 23, -53), level 50^^ and 2 level 50^ adds and return to Khol Mudflank. You will need water breathing. Also, you will proc a heat DOT from the hot water and when you get clost to burning fisures. The effect from the hot water is called Scalding Water and from the fissure is called Volcanic Boiling. Scalding Water doesn't do much damage, but Volcanic Boiling does a lot.

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