An audit of this article and its subpages has been completed.
This Audit has been completed. Florence 9/16/07


An audit of Invasion of the Vale and its subpages has been initiated by Florence on 9/16/07.

Use the sections below to co-ordinate this audit.


Use this section as a notepad to list every single mob, including Monsters, Named Monsters, and NPCs, you can find in the zone as an aid to completion. Don't worry initially about whether the mob's article exists or not!

New QuestsEdit

List any quests you encounter that you are pretty sure are new


List any and all POIs you encounter, and whether they give Discovery experience.


  • The giantslayers in this zone do not cause faction hits with The Dreadnaughts (Faction) when killed.
  • Caps on the names have been checked - Giantslayer is capitalized on the leashers and trackers, lowercase on the basher/brute/thugs.

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