EQ2 Tradeskill Writ Information
Journal CategoryCity Tradeskill Tasks
Class (Level)Alchemist 64 (Tier 7)
DifficultyTalented Tier 7 Work Order
Starting the QuestSpeak to a Work Order Foreman in any of the Freeport Tradeskill Instances
See Tradeskill Writs for more information

This Tradeskill Writ is not timed.

Click on the Orders Desk near the Work Order Foreman to collect your invoice.

Some very important people are watching your work withing the guild.

  • Craft 20 of the following items
  1. Exceptional Elixir of Constitution
  2. Exceptional Elixir of Thorns
  3. Exceptional Essence of Clarity
  4. Exceptional Essence of Health
  5. Exceptional Freedom of Mind
  • Craft 2 of the following items
  1. Combative Rage (Apprentice IV)
  2. Compression (Apprentice IV)
  3. Dropkick (Apprentice IV)
  4. Leaping Tiger (Apprentice IV)
  • Craft 2 of the following items
  1. Backlash (Apprentice IV)
  2. Smash (Apprentice IV)
  3. Stampede (Apprentice IV)
  • Craft 2 of the following items
  1. Celestial Touch (Apprentice IV)
  2. Sustain (Apprentice IV)
  • Craft 2 of the following items
  1. Besiege (Apprentice IV)
  2. Blistering Fists (Apprentice IV)
  • Craft 2 of the following items
  1. Crescent Strike (Apprentice IV)
  2. Blood Craze (Apprentice IV)
  3. Holy Circle (Apprentice IV)
  4. Bloodbath (Apprentice IV)


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