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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Access
Journal Level 20 (Tier 3)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Vermin's Snye more
How to Start Speak to Gillin Blackfist at ( 112, -3, -87 ) /waypoint 112, -3, -87 in the Vermin's Snye.
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  1. After speaking with the barbarian Gillin Blackfist, he will ask you to talk to Mirf Guinders in Qeynos Capitol District, he is on the treed hill south of the claymore monument.
  2. Mirf will then ask you to retrieve three (3) Jade Golem crystals. These can be found on undead such as a crumbling tomb guard and a crumbling tomb sentry in Vermin's Snye.
  3. Return to Mirf who will ask you to slay Ayamia the Rat Queen. She can be found at ( 45, 0, -140 ) /waypoint 45, 0, -140. She's a rare spawn, so will need multiple room clearing to get her to spawn.
  4. After killing her your journal will ask you to visit the Central Stairwell in Vermin's Snye at ( 120, 0, -109 ) /waypoint 120, 0, -109.
  5. Next it will ask you to find the painting of the Coldwind Cliffs, located at ( 187, -7, -90 ) /waypoint 187, -7, -90.
  6. After finding the painting, you will need to search and find the Sepulcher of the Prime Healer, located at ( 236, -7, -81 ) /waypoint 236.00, -7.00, -80.55. WARNING: If the undead that lurk in this area aren't gray to you, you may possibly be ambushed at this point with a group of undead.
  7. Enter the sepulcher of the prime healer ( 237, -7, -81 ) /waypoint 237, -7, -81.
  8. Finally, you must visit the Tomb of Lord Tonmerk at ( 252, -6, -119 ) /waypoint 252, -6, -119. At this point, you can click the tomb to zone in.


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