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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Jarsath Wastes
Journal Level 80 (Tier 9)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Jarsath Wastes more
How to Start speak with Utandar Rizndown ( -120, -43, 1122 ) /waypoint -120, -43, 1122 in the Danak Shipyards
part of: Jarsath Wastes Timeline
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  • Before being offered this quest you must complete the quest line from Necromancer Corporiss along the Danak Shipyard coast. ( -474, -50, 1347 ) /waypoint -474, -50, 1347


  1. Buy the following items (each piece costs 1g 20s): As of July 2013, if one of the items is already in inventory when you get the quest, the quest automatically updates to complete that step. If you have the faction, don't buy the items in advance. Having the items in your inventory does not update the quest. It's the act of buying, once you have the quest that will cause it to update.
    • A Legendary Hammer foot from the Danak Faction merchant Eviss Ryiss at ( -100, -40, 1108 ) /waypoint -100, -40, 1108. (You may want to do this first or last, as he is near the quest NPC).
    • A Legendary Hammer claw from the Sel'Nok Brigade faction merchant Mirg Nel'Ron at ( -986, -67, -988 ) /waypoint -986, -67, -988
    • A Legendary Hammer head from the Skleross Faction merchant Tragen Gorschk at ( -865, -19, -1161 ) /waypoint -865, -19, -1161
  2. Return to Utandar Rizndown in the Danak Shipyards