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EverQuest II Alternate Advancement Information
AAs » Conjuror AAs » Conjuror's Conjurations line
Hydromancer Rank (*/1)
Conjurations 1 point
Requires Requires 20 points in Conjurations
Summons an inhabitant of the Plane of Water to aid the Conjuror's group. This pet is specialized in the recovery of health with an assortment of temporary beneficial group enhancements as you increase in level, including damage interception, group wards, and group area effect avoidance.
Target Self
Concentration 1
Casting 10.0 seconds
Recast Instant
Duration Until Canceled
  • Summons a pet Hydromancer

Notes: Hydromancer has the following abilities:

  • Hydrating Waters
    • Applies Hydrating Waters.
      • Heals target for X - Y.
  • Waterflow
    • Heals targets in Area of Effect for X - Y.
  • Calming Waters
    • Wards targets in Area of Effect against X points of all damage.
    • Decrease Hate Gain of targets in Area of Effect by 10.0%.
      • If not Fighter
  • Water Bubble
    • Prevents AOE (except when direct)
    • Dispelled when target takes damage.
  • Vigilant
    • (Note: Uncontrollable, 5 second recast, lasts until cancelled, radius of 50m.)
    • 100% chance to intercept all damage on group members (AE).
    • On a successful intercept caster takes 0% of attack damage, target takes 100% of attack damage.
  • Regenerating Waters
    • (Note: Uncontrollable.)
    • Applies Regenerating Waters.
      • Dispels 97 levels of any hostile effects on caster.
      • Heals targets in Area of Effect for 310-377.


  • Level 41: Watery Humanoid
  • ?-65: Floating Water Spheres
  • Level 66-90: Siren