Housing UI Shortcut

The Housing UI shortcut shows only inside a house and can be used to open various features and enact many functions.

The House Vault is additional bank-like storage for your items, but it can not be used to store coin or transfer items between your other characters.

Every character you create will be able to "buy" at least one house for free and have a vault. If you are unfamiliar with how to get your free house, see the main article about housing.

After buy a house, every character you create will have a house vault with 6 slots, similar to the personal slots at the bank. Each slot can have a bag or Strong Box placed in a vault slot to increase the the amount of items it will hold. For example, if you drop a 12 slot strong box into a slot, that slot will now hold 12 items in addition to the remaining (single) slots.

The vault and the items within can only be accessed by the character that "owns" the vault, but it can be accessed from any house or guild hall instance your character has Friend or Trustee access to.

You must be inside a house or guild hall to access the vault. To open the vault:

  • Right-click on the front (inside) door to open the housing window and click on the House Vault button.
  • Type /house to open the Housing window and click on the House Vault button.
  • Left click on the House icon when you are inside the house (shown at the top of the page).

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