Hold of Prexus
A view of part of the Hold of Prexus. This is where player weddings and other events can take place.
Introduced LU52
Zone Type Public
Adjacent to None
Quest Lines none

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The Hold of Prexus is the home of the Guides of the Shattered Lands. Player weddings and other similar events can take place here upon organization and coordination with a member of the guide program.

Geography Edit

Prior to GU52 the Hold of Prexus was off-limits to players, but is now available to be used for weddings and other events when arranged with the Guides. The current Hold of Prexus is the same basic appearance as the tier 2 Qeynos Guild Hall, but is decorated and arranged for the purpose of helping members of the guide program fulfill their duties and give an enriched role playing experience to the citizens of Norrath.

Travel Edit

Players cannot get to this zone through any means other than being summoned there by a Guide or GM for a scheduled event.

Quests Edit

Members of the guide program have been given access to a few special Collection Quests and may possibly be able to share them with you. See Hold of Prexus Collection Quests for more information.

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