Highhold Guild Hall is a prestige guild hall. It should not be confused with the Restored High Keep Guildhall.


Unlike other guild halls, the the prestige halls give players the option to use Daybreak Cash to purchase a hall.

The halls still have upkeep costs like regular halls, though the coin cost is only for amenities, rather than the hall itself.

How to ObtainEdit


Edited for Emphasis: the guild window area to check the ticket count.

The guild must be at least level 30.

One or more members of the guild must purchase Highhold Guild Tickets from the Marketplace.

  • To "unlock" the ability to buy the hall, the guild needs a total of 350 tickets.
  • Tickets can be purchased 1 at a time or in groups of 20.
  • Each added ticket is tracked through the guild roster (press U) in the achievements tab.
  • Excess tickets can be sold for status points.


This hall can be accessed at the same bell as the largest Freeport-style Guild Halls and large Qeynos-style Guild Halls:

  • The Commonlands dock, northeast corner at ( -1055, -144, -683 ) /waypoint -1055, -144, -683
  • Antonica dock, southeast corner at ( 441, -37, 823 ) /waypoint 441, -37, 823

Base CostEdit

The following are the associated base costs for this hall. Any amenities added will have additional costs and most amenties also have an upkeep cost as well.

Purchase Cost 10000 status
Upkeep Cost 2000 status


Though the above are the base cost, the cost can be a mix of coin (platinum, gold, etc.) and additional status. See the Guild Hall Amenities for the costs of each.

  • This hall has does not have any unique amenities.


This hall features a round entry courtyard with a huge courtyard and smaller outbuildings off to the sides. A large, gold dragon statue is prominent in the huge courtyard. While looking up, players will see the open sky many drakes flying around.


Related TopicsEdit


See the official announcement that explained the way these halls are unlocked.

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