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Heroic Opportunities allow unique effects to be triggered by group members by using spells and combat arts. The effects available include more powerful and difficult ones with more archetypes in the group.


Opportunities begin when a group member uses their starter ability, then members of the group advance the starter chain to pick a table to roll an effect from, then advance the finishing chain to trigger the effect. Advancing chains is done by using spells and combat arts with particular opportunity symbols and sometimes in particular orders. The opportunity system uses symbols/icons which can be found in most spell and combat art examination windows as the second icon down on the right side. When the opportunity ring flashes a particular symbol, any spell or combat art that is represented by that symbol can be used to choose that option (for starter chains) or fulfill that requirement (for finishing chains). Valid abilities will flash on players' hotbars as well. Abilities that are used to advance the chain also cause their normal effects.

The sequence to complete a Heroic Opportunity can be summarized as follows:

1. Use Starter Ability 2. Complete Starter Chain 3. Complete Finishing Chain

Starter AbilityEdit

The Heroic Opportunity is triggered by Lucky Break for Scout archetype classes, Fighting Chance for Fighter archetype classes, Arcane Augur for Mage archetype classes and Divine Providence for Priest archetype classes. Starter abilities do not cost power and are cast instantly with a 10 second recast. The effects triggerable are different for each starter ability (see below).

Bards (Dirges and Troubadors) can take the Bard achievement tree's starter, Bard's Luck, which reduces the recast time of Lucky Break by 5 seconds, and the Minstrel (Intelligence) line ending ability Heroic Storytelling increases the power of opportunities to 150%.

Starter ChainEdit

Once the opportunity begins a clear wheel appears with symbols flashing. The flashing symbols are options to trigger leading to different outcomes. Options that use three or more archetypes have more than one step of triggers. When an starter chain option is completed a table of effects will be rolled against to see what effect is triggered. The triggered effects have varying occurrence chances ranging between very common to very rare. If a group member uses a starter ability during a starter chain the chain will restart to the user's chain.

The following table is not confirmed to be totally accurate and may be updated with correct information found ingame.

Trigger archetype Followup symbols Type Possible ability outcomes(# of abilities, O=Ordered)
Priest Solo #Divine Judgement, #Inspiring Piety, #Blessing of Faith
w/Scout #Piercing Faith (2), #Divine Trickery (2O), #Faith's Bulwark (2O), #Fervent Quickening (2O)
Mage Solo #Arcane Fury, #Arcane Storm, #Arcane Enlightenment
w/Priest #Ancient Crucible (1), #Suffocating Wrath (2), #Celestial Bloom (2), #Arcane Chalice (2O)
w/Scout #Arcane Trickery (2), #Resonating Cascade (3), #Trickster's Grasp (2O), #Shower of Daggers (2O)
Fighter Solo #Sky Cleave, #Crushing Anvil, #Hero's Armor
w/Priest #Divine Blade (1), #Divine Nobility (1), #Chalice of Life (2), #Crippling Shroud (2)
w/Scout #Luck's Bite (2), #Ardent Challenge (2), #Swindler's Gift (2O), #Raging Sword (2O)
w/Mage #Storm of Ancients (2), #Arcane Aegis (2), #Scholar's Insight (2O), #Soldier's Instinct (2O)
w/Priest and Mage #Thunder Slash (3), #Arcane Salvation (3), #Ancient Wrath (3O), #Archaic Ruin (3O)
Scout Solo #Ringing Blow, #Swindler's Luck, #Bravo's Dance
w/Priest and Fighter #Verdant Trinity (1), #Nature's Growth (3), #Capricious Strike (3), #Shield of Ancients (3)
w/Mage and Fighter #Trinity Divide (3), #Soldier's Gambit (3), #Grand Proclamation (3), #Ancient's Embrace (3O)
w/Priest and Mage #Breaking Faith (2O), #Archaic Shackles (3O), #Crucible of Life (3O), #Luminary Fate (3O)
w/Priest and Mage and Fighter #Strength in Unity (2), #Past's Awakening (3O), #Tears of Luclin (4), #Ancient Demise (4)

Finishing ChainsEdit

Once a starter chain is completed and an effect is rolled, the finishing chain wheel appears with the triggered effect's name at the bottom; if the wheel has a clockwise-traveling arrow in the center the symbols must be matched in clockwise order beginning from the top, otherwise there will be arrows pointing at every wheel space and the symbols can be matched freely in any order. Approximately 10 to 12 seconds is available to complete the finishing chain or else the opportunity expires to no effect; the outer circle has blue-filled portions that turn black to count down the remaining time. Matching all symbols triggers the effect.

Scouts can shift any opportunity by using a Coin symbol spell or combat art. This rerolls the triggered effect from the starting chain and restarts the finishing chain. The finishing wheel can only be shifted before any symbols have been matched and only once; the wheel's Coin symbol in the bottom right will disappear once shifted. Coin abilities don't flash.

The potency of effects scale with group members' potency (possibly their level, attributes or other statistics).

Heroic Opportunity ListEdit

The following table is not confirmed to be totally accurate and may be updated with correct information found ingame.

Name Starter Enhancers Rarity Runes needed Effect
Divine Judgement Priest Common Divine damage
Inspiring Piety Uncommon Divine damage and increase focus for 180sec
Blessing of Faith Rare +power, periodic +power for ?sec
Piercing Faith Scout Common
piercing damage and debuff piercing + divine mitigation
Divine Trickery Uncommon
Divine damage
Fervent Quickening Common
Increase defense and 5% (of total mana) power heal over time
Faith's Bulwark Rare
Increase Mitigation of Group(25%?)
Arcane Fury Mage Common Magic DD (target)
Arcane Storm Uncommon Area of Effect Magic Damage
Arcane Enlightenment Rare Gives buff "Sometimes gain power when you are struck." power gain of 10% of max power immediate, 360sec buff giving power gain of 20% of max power proc chance on taking damage (lasts 90sec) 8 triggers
Ancient Crucible Priest Rare Increase a large amount of Health and Power over Time for a short duration
Suffocating Wrath Common
Magic damage
Celestial Bloom Common
Increase Health of Group Member
Arcane Chalice Uncommon
Increase Power of Group Member
Arcane Trickery Scout Common
Magic damage
Resonating Cascade ?
Increase Power over Time of completing player
Trickster's Grasp ?
Magic DoT
Shower of Daggers Common
Magic damage on hits (3 minutes?)
Crushing Anvil Fighter Common Crushing damage (AoE)
Sky Cleave Uncommon Slashing DD (target)
Hero's Armor Very Rare Physical Mitigation buff (self)
Divine Blade Priest Common
Divine Direct Damage
Divine Nobility Slightly less common
Increase Health over Time of group member
Crippling Shroud Uncommon
Decreases enemy attack speed whenever group member is hit
Chalice of Life Very Rare Instant Heal, Ward and Heal over Time
Scholar's Insight Mage Common
Increases Disruption skill of Mage and inflicts magic damage on target
Arcane Aegis Less Common
Increases Crushing and Magic mitigation of group
Storm of Ancients Slightly Uncommon
Magic damage and debuff attack speed to encounter in area
Soldier's Instinct Very Rare
Increases attack speed of group
Luck's Bite Scout Common
Piercing damage + ?
Ardent Challenge Common
Increase Strength and Agility of Group
Swindler's Gift Uncommon
Increase accuracy (physical attack skills) of group
Raging Sword Rare
Powerful slashing damage + ?
Arcane Salvation Priest and Mage Common
Power over Time For Group
Archaic Ruin Uncommon
Magic damage + ?
Thunder Slash Rare or Uncommon?
Slashing, magic and divine damage
Ancient Wrath ?
Area of Effect Direct Damage and Stun (long)
Ringing Blow Scout Common Piercing DD (single target)
Swindler's Luck Uncommon Accuracy buff (self)
Bravo's Dance Rare Attack Speed buff (self)
Verdant Trinity Priest and Fighter Common Group Heal
Capricious Strike Common
Piercing damage
Nature's Growth Uncommon
Group Heal over Time
Shield of Ancients Rare?
Wrong section Increases mitigation of group
Trinity Divide Mage and Fighter Common
AoE Piercing damage
Soldier's Gambit Uncommon?
Crushing damage + ?
Grand Proclamation Uncommon?
Increase Power Pool of Group
Ancient's Embrace Rare?
Slashing Damage Shield on Group
Breaking Faith Priest and Mage ?
Divine damage
Archaic Shackles ?
Decrease attack speed of enemy
Crucible of Life ?
Increase Power and Health (100%?)
Luminary Fate
Not confirmed Wrong section Increase Power over Time
Tears of Luclin Priest and Mage and Fighter Common?
Powerful Magic Direct Damage
Strength in Unity Uncommon?
Increase Strength, Agility, Wisdom and Intelligence of Group
Past's Awakening ?
Massive Direct Damage (4x?) or Increase Spell Damage?, Increase Health and Power (100%?)
Ancient Demise ?
Area of Effect Crushing Direct Damage and Decrease Haste(10%?)

HO and PvP Edit

Heroic opportunities cannot be started in PVP.

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