what are Heroic Characters?Edit

Heroic Characters are basically normal character with the difference that they start with the following:

  • Level 95
  • 320AA
  • full armorset - make sure you swap out one wrist item with aspect of the Dragon if you go grouping
  • 6 bag backs with 16 slots?
  • adept spells
    • Note for priests: make sure you upgrade your group cure quickly to expert quality at least. Adpet Versions only cure level 95 effects
  • Rank 0 Artisan
  • advanture skills at 350 (or so)
  • Harvesting skill at 5
  • 5p
  • the same langugues as would start a fresh character
  • Things you don't have when you start:

Things you "should"/could do when you startEdit

  • Setup your UI
    • if you have other Charaters:
      1. type "/leaveall" to leave every chat channel
      2. type "/load_uisettings" and load the settings and chat channels from a other character
  • Claim Veteran Rewards (Call of the Veteran)
  • Get invite to Guild
    • Get Guild buff and Call to Guild Hall if your Guild has em
  • Buy the Fun spells and Singular Focus from your Class trainer
  • "upgrade" your bags
  • Change the XP slider from 0% AA Xp to like 30% AA Xp ( your choice of course, but don't set it to 100% or you don'T gain adventure XP
  • "build" your own AA setup for all 350AAs, you only have 320, but you don't have to change em when ever you gain more
    • the premade ones are not bad, but you may want to spend the AA points differently
  • Setup your Hot bars
    1. Even it sounds akward: Clear every hotbar because not every spell/combat art is on the highest level in your hotbar
    2. Place the spells you in your order how you like em, (you will change em most likely later on any way, but many prever all Travel spells on Hotbar and Evac spells there as well to avoid miss clicks)
    3. Macro your spells where needed, like Resurrection spells
  • get the quest words of Magic
  • learn you to Speak as a Dragon
  • Do the Epic Repercussions, unless you are a Beastlord or Channeler
  • if you "aim" for a fast leveling to 100, upgrade your 91+ Spells to expert or master
  • check the non upgradeable spell list for lower level spells that are worth upgrading for your class

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