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Heroes' Festival Timeline

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Heroes' Festival Timeline
Recommended Levels 1 to 90
Introduced: LU53
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: see Starting Zones below
Heroes' Festival Timeline [edit]
E1. Festive Flames in Freeport
E2.1. Thumore's Absence
E2.2. Shattered Remains
E3. The Overlord's Impending Speech
E4. Missing Decorations in Freeport
E5.1. Freeport Band Aid
E5.2. Aggressive Advertising in Freeport
G1. Festive Flames in Qeynos
G2.1. Thumore's Absence
G2.2. Shattered Remains
G3. The Queen's Impending Speech
G4. Missing Decorations in Qeynos
G5.1. Qeynos Band Aid
G5.2. Aggressive Advertising in Qeynos

The Heroes' Festival was introduced to commemorate the five, and subsequent, years that have passed since the Refuge Islands first began collecting those lost in the turbulent oceans. Celebrators, happy to share in the festivities, can be found in North and South Qeynos or West and South Freeport. It is a live event that is scheduled to last Nov. 24 to Nov. 30 each year.

Many of the quests reward you with Tokens of Heroism which can be spent at Heroes' Festival merchants for special rewards.

Completing all of the quests in either Qeynos or Freeport will grant you the achievement Badge of Heroics.

Freeport Edit

Qeynos Edit


  • Parts of the Samples of Destiny collection can be found throughout all Qeynos and Freeport.

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