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This is a list of Heritage Quests, sorted by level. For an alphabetic list, see the heritage quests category.

These quests are all heroic or epic in nature, and are more difficult to complete than normal quests. The rewards are familiar items from EverQuest. Signature Quests, which are similar in length and difficulty to Heritage Quests but reward items unique to EverQuest II, can be found on a separate page.

Heritage QuestsEdit

Check List: [Quest Checklist]

LevelQuest NameRewardStarting ZoneExpansion
19 In Honor and Service*Dwarven Ringmail TunicGreater FaydarkEchoes of Faydwer
20 The Return of the Light*Greater LightstoneThe CommonlandsShattered Lands
25 These Boots Were Made For...*Dwarven Work BootsAntonicaShattered Lands
30 A Strange Black Rock [1]*Glowing Black StoneAntonicaShattered Lands
An Axe from the Past [1]*Polished Granite TomahawkThe Thundering SteppesShattered Lands
Dragoon K'Naae of the Thexians*Shiny Brass HalberdNektulos ForestShattered Lands
Hadden's Earring [2]*Fishbone EarringThe Thundering SteppesShattered Lands
35 A Missing Mask [2]*Guise of the DeceiverNektropos CastleShattered Lands
Stiletto's Orders Intercepted [1]*ManastoneThe Thundering SteppesShattered Lands
War and Wardrobe [2]*Robe of the OracleButcherblock MountainsEchoes of Faydwer
36 Restoring Ghoulbane [2]*GhoulbaneNorth QeynosShattered Lands
40 Foomby's Stolen GoodsBag of Sewn Evil EyeEnchanted LandsShattered Lands
The Reaching Blade of the Assassin [7]*Serrated Bone DirkEnchanted LandsShattered Lands
The Rescue of the Green Hoods [3]*Short Sword of the YkeshaZek, the Orcish WastesShattered Lands
The Stein of Moggok: It Can Be Rebuilt*Stein of MoggokThe City of FreeportShattered Lands
Training is a Shield [3]*Shiny Brass ShieldZek, the Orcish WastesShattered Lands
45 An Eye for Power*Tobrin's Mystical EyepatchEverfrostShattered Lands
By Hook or by...*Hierophant's CrookRivervaleShattered Lands
The Bone Bladed Claymore [4]*Bone Bladed Claymore
*Electrified Bone Bladed Claymore
StormholdShattered Lands
The Lost Legend of Lavastorm*Crown of King TranixLavastormShattered Lands
The Teachings of Yoru [7]*Flowing Black Silk SashAntonicaShattered Lands
50 Saving Soles*Golden Efreeti BootsLavastormShattered Lands
The Journey is Half the Fun*Legendary Journeyman's BootsAntonicaShattered Lands
The Screaming Mace*Screaming MaceThe FeerrottShattered Lands
The Staff of the Observers*Staff of the ObserversSteamfont MountainsEchoes of Faydwer
55 A Thread of Hope [8]Flowing Black Cloak
Flowing Black Robes
The Deep ForgeShadow Odyssey
An Ancient Desert Power*Scepter of RahotepThe Sinking SandsDesert of Flames
60 Casualties of the War of the Fay*Rain CallerGreater FaydarkEchoes of Faydwer
65 The Wondrous Inventions of a Crazed GnomeBag of the TinkerersThe BonemireKingdom of Sky
68 The Symbol in the Flesh[5]*Crested Mistmoore ShieldLoping PlainsEchoes of Faydwer
70 Draco Mortuus vos Liberatio*Bone-Clasped GirdleTenebrous TangleKingdom of Sky
A Thorn of OldThe WurmslayerThe Barren SkyKingdom of Sky
Cloak of Flames Timeline [6]*Cloak of Flames5 EoF zonesEchoes of Faydwer
80 Trail to the PastShiny Metallic RobeMoors of YkeshaShadow Odyssey
The Name of Fear*GreenmistEmperor Atrebe's Laboratory: The Fabled City of Kor-shaShadow Odyssey
84 The White Dragonscale Cloak*White Dragonscale CloakMiragul's Phylactery: Scion of IceShadow Odyssey
85 The Book of Thex*Thex MalletBefallen: Cavern of the AfflictedShadow Odyssey
Dark Mail Gauntlets Timeline [9]Dark Mail GauntletsThe Ruins of Guk: Halls of the FallenShadow Odyssey
Justice for JoJo*Mystical Claws of Jojo
*Mystical Claws of Jojo (Offhand)
The Sundered FrontierSentinel's Fate
88 Digging in the Dirt*GrimbladeThe Stonebrunt HighlandsSentinel's Fate
90 My Dear, Deloris...Shiny Robe of the UnderfootDemitrik's BastionSentinel's Fate
The Bow of Underfoot Timeline [9]The Bow of UnderfootThe Sundered FrontierSentinel's Fate
Coldain Insignia Ring Timeline [9]Velium Coldain Insignia RingThe Great DivideDestiny of Velious
What Dreams May Come [10]*Blessed Coldain Prayer ShawlThe Great DivideDestiny of Velious
Beauty's Only Skin Deep *Embalmer's Skinning KnifeTower of Frozen Shadow: Shadowed CorridorsDestiny of Velious
The Essence of a Prophet *Lodizal Shell ShieldThe Great DivideDestiny of Velious
The Legend of Froststone *SnowchipperThe Great DivideDestiny of Velious
93 Tangled Roots of Growth *Blessed Scimitar of the Emerald DawnEastern WastesDestiny of Velious
94 A Source of MaledictionPaw of OpollaThe Stonebrunt HighlandsSentinel's Fate
100 Waters of Norrath Cloak of Crystalline Waters Siren's Grotto: Alluring Embrace (Advanced Solo) or Siren's Grotto: Alluring Embrace (Heroic) Chains of Eternity
103 Hero Bracers Timeline Steamfont Mountains Tears of Veeshan
Zlandicar Timeline Thurgadin, City of the Coldain Tears of Veeshan
103 High Keep: The Bloodless Incursion Timeline
  • Reward - unknown
High Keep: The Bloodless Incursion (Contested) Tears of Veeshan

Heritage Quest NotesEdit

[*] The quests with the asterisk are confirmed to have house-item counterparts.
[1]The quests A Strange Black Rock, An Axe from the Past and Stiletto's Orders Intercepted have steps in common and should, if possible, be done together.
[2]The quests Hadden's Earring, Restoring Ghoulbane, A Missing Mask and War and Wardrobe have steps in common and should, if possible, be done together.
[3]The quests Training is a Shield and The Rescue of the Green Hoods have steps in common and should, if possible, be done together.
[4]If you have completed Berik's Revenge and possess Berik, Sword of Thunder you can use Berik on the Bone Bladed Claymore on the final step of this HQ to create the Electrified Bone Bladed Claymore
[5]Ghoulbane Empowered is a Sub-quest to The Symbol in the Flesh and is not counted as a Heritage Quest.
[6]This HQ behaves like a Signature Quest series. There are 12 quests in the Cloak of Flames Timeline starting with the Collection quest An Old Memoir. Also note that only the final quest in the series counts towards the Suffix Titles.
[7]Reaching Blade of the Assassin and The Teachings of Yoru need certain mobs/npc in the Antonica, Enchanted Lands and Rivervale and can be completed together at times.
[8]Although it is a level 55 quest, A Thread of Hope involves Shadow Odyssey zones that scale to the player's level. For example, if you are a level 80 group, you will have to run a level 80+ instance of The Deep Forge. Also, it may be beneficial to work on the pre-quest for "A Thread of Hope", (which is "Tinkering with Toggery") at the same time as doing "The Lost Legend of Lavastorm" and/or "Saving Soles" as all three quests involve adventuring and harvesting in Lavastorm.
[9]These HQs behave like a Signature Quest series. There are several quests in the timelines. The Dark Mail Gauntlets Timeline starts with the Mysterious Mark quest found in The Ruins of Guk: Halls of the Fallen. Only the final quests in the series count towards the Suffix Titles.
[10]This is the first and only tradeskill heritage quest and requires to be level 90 in tradeskill.


DWB Mounting Instructions

Mounting Instructions for Dwarven Work Boots

When most Heritage Quest rewards are examined, you are given the choice to mount them. This turns the reward into a House Item. If you examine the House Item you are given the choice to unmount it. You must unmount it if you wish to use it or to sell it.

Suffix TitlesEdit

There are suffix titles that may be won by completing Heritage Quests. To receive the title, speak to Sage Indis Surion in The Concordium Tower in South Qeynos (yellow portal), Sage Navarius Orvalis in the Academy of Arcane Science in North Freeport, Sage Piritta Silvarri in Kelethin in Greater Faydark, or Sage Ricka Stonehide in New Halas in Frostfang Sea after completing the required number of Heritage Quests.

Heritage Quest Suffix Titles
# of HQs Title
5 The Treasure Hunter
10 The Lore Seeker
20 The Relic Keeper
30 The Artifact Raider

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