EverQuest II Prestige Information
Prestige » Channeler Prestige
Healing Barrage Rank (*/1)
Prestige Expertise 1 point
Requires Every 6 Points in Prestige unlocks 1 point in Prestige Expertise
A replacement for Healing Arrow. Inflicts damage to the target and nearby enemies from range and heals allies near the enemy's target. Up to six allies within 15 meters can be healed.
Passive Spell
  • Inflicts W - X ranged damage on targets in Area of Effect
  • Applies Healing Barrage.
    • Heals targets in Area of Effect for Y - Z
    • Applies to the enemy's target if they are in the same group or raid as the channeler and within 50 meters of them. Otherwise, applies to the channeler.
  • Requires bow

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