Ranges Edit

Artisan Level Range: 70-80
Recommended Minimum Adventurer Level of Harvesting Zones: 68
Minimum Harvesting Skill Required: 340

Zones Edit

Harvestables Edit

TierNode TypeCommon ResourcesRare Resources
Tier 8
Animal Den* bristled pelt hidebound pelt
Bushes torsis tea leaf,raw cranberry,
raw succulent petal & cabilis cocoa bean
mantrap root
Fish barracuda, king prawn none
Gemstones deklium cluster, rough kunzite tynnonium cluster, rough fire emerald
Metal Ore ferrite cluster, mineral salt loam incarnadine cluster, silicate loam
Roots lichenclover root mantrap root
Wood redwood lumber mahogany lumber
All Imbuing material: Smoldering
Notes * T8 meat is no longer in the den nodes

See Also Edit

Category:Harvests for links to Harvestables for all tiers.

Credits Edit

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