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Ranges Edit

Artisan Level Range: 90-99
Recommended Minimum Adventurer Level of Harvesting Zones: 90
Minimum Harvesting Skill Required: 425

Zones Edit

Harvestables Edit

TierNode TypeCommon ResourcesRare Resources
Tier 10
Animal Den thick bear pelt, panther meat & raptor meat metallic reptile hide
Bushes aduki bean, ripe mangosteen, plump lychee, white peony tea leaf banyan root
Fish cutthroat trout, plump haddock -
Gemstones iridium cluster, amethyst osmium cluster, black star sapphire
Metal Ore* rhenium ore tungsten ore
Roots matoppie roots banyan root
Wood swamp ash lumber bubinga lumber
All Imbuing material: Effulgent
Notes * As with previous tiers, there are no loams in T10

See also Edit

Category:Harvests for links to Harvestables for all tiers.

Credits Edit

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