Ranges Edit

Artisan Level Range: 1-9
Recommended Minimum Adventurer Level of Harvesting Zones: 3
Minimum Harvesting Skill Required: 1
Trivial Score (Maximum Skill Gain Possible): 32

Zones Edit

Darklight Wood,Greater Faydark (Nursery, central area), The Forest Ruins, The Caves, Oakmyst Forest, The Ruins, The Peat Bog, The Graveyard, Sunken City, The Sprawl, Timorous Deep (Chrykori isle and Gorowyn Isle) and Frostfang Sea.

Harvestables Edit

TierNode TypeCommon ResourcesRare Resources
Tier 1
Animal Den rawhide leather pelt, deer meat waxed leather pelt
Bushes raw white tea leaf, jumjum
baubbleshire cabbage & black coffee bean
Fish sunfish & frog leg none
Gemstone rough malachite, lead cluster rough lapis lazuli, copper cluster
Metal Ore leaded loam, tin cluster solidified loam, bronze cluster
Roots root yarrow
Wood severed elm severed alder

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