Gurdi Burnforge

Gurdi Burnforge

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Weaponsmith
Race Dwarf
Zone Kylong Plains (Rise of Kunark)
Location Teren's Grasp, outside the Hall of Teren Rysis ( 2091, 520, -961 ) /waypoint 2091, 520, -961


  • All coal fuels for crafting
Items for salePrice
redwood bo21g 16s 80c
redwood cudgel17g 99s 28c
redwood fighting baton17g 99s 28c
redwood greatstaff21g 16s 80c
redwood knotted club17g 99s 28c
redwood quarterstaff17g 99s 28c
redwood sorcerers staff17g 99s 28c
redwood wand17g 99s 28c
rhino leather fist wraps17g 99s 28c
rhino leather whip17g 99s 28c
tynnonite assault axe17g 99s 28c
tynnonite bardiche21g 16s 80c
tynnonite bastard sword21g 16s 80c
tynnonite battle axe17g 99s 28c
tynnonite battle hammer17g 99s 28c
tynnonite broadsword17g 99s 28c
tynnonite cesti17g 99s 28c
tynnonite claymore21g 16s 80c
tynnonite crescent axe17g 99s 28c
tynnonite cutlass17g 99s 28c
tynnonite dagger17g 99s 28c
tynnonite dirk17g 99s 28c
tynnonite double headed axe21g 16s 80c
tynnonite epee17g 99s 28c
tynnonite executioners axe21g 16s 80c
tynnonite falchion17g 99s 28c
tynnonite flail17g 99s 28c
tynnonite flamberge17g 99s 28c
tynnonite foil17g 99s 28c
tynnonite great flail21g 16s 80c
tynnonite great spear21g 16s 80c
tynnonite greatsword21g 16s 80c
tynnonite halberd21g 16s 80c
tynnonite hand axe17g 99s 28c
tynnonite harpoon21g 16s 80c
tynnonite hatchet17g 99s 28c
tynnonite javelin17g 99s 28c
tynnonite karabela17g 99s 28c
tynnonite katana21g 16s 80c
tynnonite knuckles17g 99s 28c
tynnonite kris17g 99s 28c
tynnonite kukri17g 99s 28c
tynnonite lance21g 16s 80c
tynnonite leafblade17g 99s 28c
tynnonite longsword17g 99s 28c
tynnonite mace17g 99s 28c
tynnonite maul21g 16s 80c
tynnonite military pick17g 99s 28c
tynnonite morning star17g 99s 28c
tynnonite ornate spear17g 99s 28c
tynnonite parrying blade17g 99s 28c
tynnonite pike21g 16s 80c
tynnonite rapier17g 99s 28c
tynnonite sabre17g 99s 28c
tynnonite sai17g 99s 28c
tynnonite sceptre17g 99s 28c
tynnonite scimitar17g 99s 28c
tynnonite scourge17g 99s 28c
tynnonite short spear17g 99s 28c
tynnonite short sword17g 99s 28c
tynnonite spatha17g 99s 28c
tynnonite spear17g 99s 28c
tynnonite stiletto17g 99s 28c
tynnonite tomahawk17g 99s 28c
tynnonite tribal spear17g 99s 28c
tynnonite trident17g 99s 28c
tynnonite tulwar21g 16s 80c
tynnonite voulge21g 16s 80c
tynnonite war axe17g 99s 28c
tynnonite warhammer21g 16s 80c
tynnonite wizards dagger17g 99s 28c

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