For a complete description of guides, see Guides of the Shattered Lands.
For a list of quests offered by guides, see Category:Guide Quests.

A guide event is a type of live event where a guide gives a player a special quest or task to accomplish. The rewards are normally unique items that can not be found elsewhere in the game.

Larger guide events are unique and ofttimes a notification will be broadcast throughout the entire server that one is about to start. It is also possible to find scheduled guide events of the Guide forums; however, since guides are volunteers, they may miss a scheduled event or show up without announcing it on the boards first.

Guide's Quest Cap effect

Guide quest

Guide events tend to be heavy on role-playing. A role-playing guide will frequently not have the "Guides of the Shattered Lands" guild title under their name, even if they have the green feather of a quest. A guide without a feather and no journal quest to offer, may still role-play a task to a player, and offer a reward out of pocket for completing it.

Events run by guides can include:

  • journal quests - quests that go into the quest journal and count for Quests Achievements
  • role-playing tasks - tasks are given to players via role-play and rewards are usually themed to the task (i.e., fetch raw resources, receive a food reward)
  • joke contests
  • round-robin story telling
  • "straight" story telling - the guide already has a story to tell, making role-playing opportunities for the audience of players
  • meet-and-greet - a junior guide, usually escorted by a senior, interacts with players via role-play
  • collections - guides can collect shinies in Hold of Prexus and give them to players in Norrath. As the guide has to take the time to harvest the shinies and then pass them out, these events are rather rare and mobs usually ensue. See the Hold of Prexus collections category for a complete list of collections guide can fill

Any guide event, whether it involves a task or not, can result in goodies being passed out; a favorite of guides is milk and cookies.

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