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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Crushbone Keep
Journal Level 30 (Tier 4)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Crushbone Keep more
How to Start Examine a piece of very old steel from a weapon rack in CB Keep ( 2, 25, -60 ) /waypoint 2, 25, -60 in the Hall of Tactics
part of: Crushbone Keep Timeline
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Full StepsEdit

I came upon a weapon rack inside Crushbone Keep that held an odd piece of steel. It looked very, very old and did not seem to belong with the other orc equipment. An inscription on the steel suggests that it could be made into a weapon of some potency. Perhaps there is magic at work here, but in any case, I will follow this course and see where it leads.

  1. An inscription on the steel reads "A true Gruedheim weapon must be bathed in the blood of thy enemies." Perhaps these orcs should qualify.
    You must kill various types of orcs in the Keep:
  2. The steel is asking me to gather earth from the deepest, darkest corner of Crushbone Keep. I should search the depths of this place and try to find such soil.
    • I must search the depths of Crushbone Keep for the ancient earth that the steel longs for.
      • "Gather some of the earth" by right clicking on a pile of dirt in The Hold of Crushbone Keep ( 36, -39, 58 ) /waypoint 36, -39, 58.
  3. The steel says I am to seek out a true son of Gruedheim. I don't realy know what that means, and I don't think any of the orcs here would be interested in helping me find out. Perhaps I should ask the advice of one of the dwarves in the tunnel leading to the keep.
  4. I should go to the forge outside Crushbone Keep and speak to the dwarven blacksmith held there. According to Turgo, this blacksmith has the expertise needed to work with any kind of steel.
  5. I need to obtain the rare smithing tools taken from Burgef the blacksmith by the Crushbone guardmaster. Burgef says the guardmaster spends a lot of time in one of the nearby tents.
  6. I should take the crafting tools back to Burgef so that he can make something from this piece of Gruedheim steel.

Quick GuideEdit

  1. Get item from weaponrack in CB Keep, examine to start quest. ( 2, 25, -60 ) /waypoint 2, 25, -60
  2. Kill one of each of the following:
    1. a Crushbone conscript
    2. a Crushbone centurion
    3. a Crushbone emissary
    4. a Crushbone oracle
    5. a Crushbone thaumaturgist
    6. a Crushbone trainer
    7. a Crushbone legionnaire
    8. a Crushbone torturer
  3. Gather dirt in Crushbone Keep by clicking a dirt pile at ( 36, -39, 58 ) /waypoint 36, -39, 58.
  4. Talk to Turgo Bargedown in GFay. ( -905, 118, 222 ) /waypoint -905, 118, 222
  5. Talk to Burgef Steelwight GFay. ( -1164, 125, 58 ) /waypoint -1164, 125, 58
  6. Kill a Crushbone guardmaster GFay. ( -1072, 123, 134 ) /waypoint -1072, 123, 134, he drops the dwarf's smithing tools.
  7. Talk to Burgef Steelwight GFay to finish. ( -1164, 125, 58 ) /waypoint -1164, 125, 58


One of the following:

  1. Gruedheim Beater
  2. Gruedheim Rib Piercer
  3. Gruedheim Smasher
  4. Gruedheim War Axe