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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Faction Merchant
Race Coldain
Zone Great Divide (Destiny of Velious)
Location Thurgadin Harbor ( 1357, -540, 503 ) /waypoint 1357, -540, 503 Eq2map


Items for salePriceFaction neededPrimal Velium ShardsPure Primal Velium Shards
Battlerager's Cestus5p 4g30,000
Battlerager's Frozen Tower Shield15p 12g 1c40,000
Battlerager's Longsword5p 4g30,000
Blade of the Tundra Scout15p 12g 1c40,000
Carved Coldain Bench2g 9s 95c10,000
Carved Coldain Stool2g 9s 95c10,000
Coldain Battle Priest's Buckler15p 12g 1c40,000
Coldain Brawler's Icy Fists15p 12g 1c40,000
Coldain Corner Bench2g 9s 95c10,000
Coldain Stone Counter2g 9s 95c10,000
Coldain Stone Merchant Table2g 9s 95c10,000
Coldain War Wizard's Shield15p 12g 1c40,000
Coldain Wooden Counter2g 9s 95c10,000
Coldain Wooden Merchant Table2g 9s 95c10,000
Defiant Banner of Thurgadin (Left)2g 9s 95c10,000
Defiant Banner of Thurgadin (Right)2g 9s 95c10,000
Lorekeeper's Signet5p 4g10,000
Lorekeeper's Wand5p 4g30,000
Oracle's Golden Necklace5p 4g20,000
Pristine Banner of Thurgadin (Left)2g 9s 95c10,000
Pristine Banner of Thurgadin (Right)2g 9s 95c10,000
Rearguard's Protection Torque5p 4g20,000
Royal Banner of Thurgadin (Left)2g 9s 95c10,000
Royal Banner of Thurgadin (Right)2g 9s 95c10,000
Rune: Ammo Conservation5p 4g10,00010
Rune: Armor5p 4g10,00010
Rune: Casting Speed5p 4g10,00010
Rune: Cerebral Destruction I5p 4g20,00010
Rune: Critical Mitigation5p 4g10,00010
Rune: Flurry5p 4g10,00010
Rune: Greater Cerebral Destruction I5p 4g20,00010
Rune: Greater Magnitude I5p 4g20,00010
Rune: Greater Panacea I5p 4g20,00010
Rune: Greater Velium Flames I5p 4g20,00010
Rune: Greater Waning Might I5p 4g20,00010
Rune: Hate Gain5p 4g10,00010
Rune: Hate Reduction5p 4g10,00010
Rune: Lesser Ammo Conservation5p 4g10,0005
Rune: Lesser Armor5p 4g10,0005
Rune: Lesser Casting Speed5p 4g10,0005
Rune: Lesser Critical Mitigation5p 4g10,0005
Rune: Lesser Flurry5p 4g10,0005
Rune: Lesser Hate Gain5p 4g10,0005
Rune: Lesser Hate Reduction5p 4g10,0005
Rune: Lesser Reuse Speed5p 4g10,0005
Rune: Lesser Riposte Damage5p 4g10,0005
Rune: Magnitude I5p 4g10,00010
Rune: Panacea I5p 4g10,00010
Rune: Potency5p 4g10,0005
Rune: Potency5p 4g10,00010
Rune: Reuse Speed5p 4g10,00010
Rune: Riposte Damage5p 4g10,00010
Rune: Velium Flames I5p 4g20,00010
Rune: Waning Might I5p 4g20,00010
Ry'Gorr's Jeweled Necklace5p 4g20,000
Shocktrooper's Jeweled Necklace5p 4g20,000
Signet of Priesthood5p 4g10,000
Signet of the Battlerager5p 4g10,000
Signet of the Tundra Scout5p 4g10,000
Tundra Scout's Poker5p 4g30,000
Warpriest's Maul5p 4g30,000

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