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EverQuest II Named Monster Information
Zone (Patch) Zavith'loa: The Lost Caverns (Advanced Solo) (Altar of Malice)
Race Dinosaur
Level 105▲ Tier 11 Solo , (Approx. HP: ~39,256,000)
Location In the north of the Fungal Forest ( -3900, -79, -294 ) /waypoint -3900, -79, -294 Eq2map
Reported Drops none reported, try LootDB.
Melee Attacks crush
Special Attacks

Blunt Retaliation, a crushing tailswipe that does ~128,000-636,000 damage

AA Exp unknown
Status Points unknown

What does this information mean?


First kill the Allu'thoa riders at the entrance and use their mount to go next to Gra'ta the Mountain. To make Gra'ta attackable, return along the same road you came in on and kill about four armored ipsumodon. Groups of three linked compsognathus cause you to take more damage, try to clear them before attacking Gra'ta (look near ( -3750, 74, -299 ) /waypoint -3750, 74, -299 for an area with three nearby). Then go back to Gra'ta and just burn her.