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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Silent City: The Delving Dead  (AA)
Journal Level Scales with player level
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Silent City: The Delving Dead more
How to Start Click the Monolith of Tears just within the entrance to Silent City: The Delving Dead and select Slay the one who claims my station

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  1. Search out the Hall of Hidden Paths, behind the second barrier at ( 531, -2, 418 ) /waypoint 531, -2, 418.
    • After entering the room, clear the trash mobs. Amenophas Livingspirit is hovering high overhead, but will not aggro while you clear.
    • Pull Amenophas Livingspirit.
    • When Amenophas reaches a certain percentage, she will lay glowing blue eggs and fly back up to the ceiling. The eggs must be killed immediately or they will spawn harpies.
  2. Fire a catapult at Amenophas Livingspirit.
    • The first catapult is located to the right as you enter the area ( 539, -2, 392 ) /waypoint 539, -2, 392. Another catapult is across the room at ( 533, -2, 496 ) /waypoint 533, -2, 496.
    • Packs of gnolls will spawn at the catapults. Kill the gnolls, then fire either catapult. This will update the quest and Amenophas will resume the fight.
  3. Defeat Amenophas Livingspirit.



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