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Goblin Crafted Armor

The few visible pieces of the Goblin Crafted set

Armor Set: Goblin Crafted

(2) +1 parry
(4) +6 str
(6) Applies Stun I

  • On a combat hit this spell has a chance to cast Stun I on target of attack. Lasts for 1.0 seconds. Triggers about 0.8 times per minute.
    • Stuns target
    • Does not affect Epic targets
    • Resistability increases against targets higher than level 61.

This armor may be worn only by: Warriors, Crusaders and Clerics. This armor is dropped as follows:

ShouldersSpizaetusButcherblock Mountains
WaistAnorthositusButcherblock Mountains
ForearmsSoharethButcherblock Mountains
RingBahatButcherblock Mountains
NeckWarlord OzobrekButcherblock Mountains
EarAnorthositusButcherblock Mountains
HandsSoharethButcherblock Mountains

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