The progression for intoxication is Tipsy, Inebriated, Drunk, Very Drunk.

How to Sober Up:

The ability Sober Up is granted during The Great Pub Crawl to cancel drunk effects.

  • while doing the achievement, The Great Brewday Pub Crawl, you get the ability Sober Up. You can use it after drinking a brew in each location, but it get's removed once you got all updates.
  • You can wait till you are sober, but that takes really long (several minutes)
  • Use Hair of the Dog (provisioner made - takes a few of these to sober up though) or Wake-up Juice (sold by Balin Copperfoot)
  • After you complete some quests and get Beer Tokens, purchase the multi-use Pot of Wake-up Juice.
  • If you want to quickly get rid of the drunk effect:
    • attack something and let it kill you. You will revive sober.
    • lose a duel get's you sober as well, but you gear doesn't take damage.
    • or jump off a cliff, drown, etc. You can also craft or purchase a tinkered Exothermic Lifestone or Exothermic Manastone as a quick and deadly means to die. When you revive you will no longer be drunk.
  • Sometimes zoning to a guild hall will cure drunk effects, but keep in mind the Call to the Guild Hall ability has a cool down timer before it can be used again.

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