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Gerbi Frostfoot (Frostfell)

Gerbi Frostfoot (Frostfell)

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Merchant
Race Goblin
Zone Frostfell Wonderland Village (Shattered Lands)
Location On a small island, NE of the large island with Santa Glug ( 178, -36, -1312 ) /waypoint 178, -36, -1312


  1. Gerbi won't show you what he has to sell until you have completed any of the quests that take you into the The Icy Keep. This can be Mission Improbable... quest or the tradeskill quest Frostfell Decoration Committee: Permafrost!.
  2. If you are level 19 or below, he will sell you only the house items. Once you are level 20 and above, he will sell you armor, weapons, and other stat gear that is close to your level.

Merchant ItemsEdit

You can trade Gerbi Frozen Tokens of E'ci for the items he sells. Equipment offered is based on your level at the time of purchase.


Items for saleTokens
Frostfell Snow Cloud (Ground Mount)150
Frostfell Storm Wings (Flying Mount)300
Wings of Frostfell Wrapping (Flying Mount)300
White Frosttail Reindeer (blue saddle) (Flying Mount)500

House ItemsEdit

Items for saleTokens
a smoking glacial brazier2
dangerous icicles3
Decorative Rainbow Candycane1
delicate icicles3
dramatic icicles3
glacial bed5
glacial bookcase2
glacial cauldron1
glacial dresser1
glacial pillar1
glacial round table4
glacial scroll rack4
glacial sculpture5
glacial statue5
large glacial room divider2
ornate hanging snowflurry3
Sleeping baby ice dragon plushie20

Level 72 EquipmentEdit

Items for saleTokens
Belt of Melting Ice5
D'ina's Wintery Loop5
Frozen Mallet of the Brothers12
Frozen Ring of Marksmanship5
Frozen Sword of the Keep12
Glacial Bow of the Keep12
Glacial Cudgel of the Keep12
H'Bri's Icy Hoop5
Hardened Ice Boots3
Hardened Ice Bracers3
Hardened Ice Breastplate6
Hardened Ice Gauntlets3
Hardened Ice Legplates5
Hardened Ice Spaulders4
Ice Dragon Effigy10
Ice Formed Wand12
Ice Linked Boots3
Ice Linked Bracers3
Ice Linked Chestplate6
Ice Linked Gloves3
Ice Linked Leggings5
Ice Linked Mantle4
Icecicle Bracelet5
Icespun Cuffs3
Icespun Gloves3
Icespun Pants5
Icespun Robe6
Icespun Sandals3
Icespun Shawl4
Icy Fistwraps12
Icy Keep Claymore12
Icy Ring of Summoning5
Jagged Icy Shard12
Lone Frosty Paw15
Lone Icy Paw15
Towershield of Hardened Ice10
Wand of Conjuring Ice12
Yeti Hide Boots3
Yeti Hide Gi6
Yeti Hide Gloves3
Yeti Hide Leggings5
Yeti Hide Shoulders4
Yeti Hide Tunic6
Yeti Hide Wristwraps3
Yeti Tooth Earring5

Level 62 EquipmentEdit

Items for saleTokens
Belt of Glistening Ice5
D'ina's Icy Loop5
Freezing Mallet of the Brothers12
Frosty Fistwraps12
Glacial Cudgel of the Keep12
Glacial Longbow of the Keep12
Glistening Ice Linked Boots3
Glistening Ice Linked Bracers3
Glistening Ice Linked Cheststplate6
Glistening Ice Linked Gloves3
Glistening Ice Linked Leggings5
Glistening Ice Linked Mantle4
Glistening Icespun Cuffs3
Glistening Icespun Gloves3
Glistening Icespun Pants5
Glistening Icespun Robe6
Glistening Icespun Sandals3
Glistening Icespun Shawl4
Glistening Ring of Marksmanship5
Glistening Sword of the Keep12
Heavy Hardened Ice Boots3
Heavy Hardened Ice Bracers3
Heavy Hardened Ice Breastplate6
Heavy Hardened Ice Gauntlets3
Heavy Hardened Ice Legplates5
Heavy Hardened Ice Spaulders4
Ice Dragon Idol5
Icy Keep Issued Claymore12
Icy Ring of Conjuring5
Large Icicle Bracelet5
Rugged Icy Shard12
Severed Frosty Paw15
Severed Icy Paw15
Towershield of Hardened Frost10
Wand of Conjuring Frost12
Wand of Formed Ice12
Yeti Molar Earring5
Yeti Pelt Boots3
Yeti Pelt Gi6
Yeti Pelt Gloves3
Yeti Pelt Leggings5
Yeti Pelt Shoulderpads4
Yeti Pelt Tunic6
Yeti Pelt Wristwraps3

Level 52 EquipmentEdit

Items for saleTokens
Belt of Hardened Ice5
D'ina's Icy Hoop5
Displaced Frosty Paw15
Displaced Icy Paw15
Frosty Ring of Summoning5
Glacial Cudgel of the Keep12
Glistening Mallet of the Brothers12
Ice Dragon Statuette10
Ice Pelting Bow of the Keep12
Icicle Fistwraps12
Icy Keep Entrusted Claymore12
Sharp Icy Shard12
Smooth Hardened Ice Boots3
Smooth Hardened Ice Bracers3
Smooth Hardened Ice Breastplate6
Smooth Hardened Ice Gauntlets3
Smooth Hardened Ice Legplates5
Smooth Hardened Ice Spaulders4
Sparkling Ice Linked Boots3
Sparkling Ice Linked Bracers3
Sparkling Ice Linked Chestplate6
Sparkling Ice Linked Gloves3
Sparkling Ice Linked Leggings5
Sparkling Ice Linked Shoulders4
Sparkling Ring of Marksmanship5
Sparkling Sword of the Keep12
Towershiled of Dense Ice10
Wand of Glistening Ice12
Wand of Summoning Frost12
Weathered Icicle Bracelet5
Woven Icespun Cuffs3
Woven Icespun Gloves3
Woven Icespun Pants5
Woven Icespun Robe6
Woven Icespun Sandals3
Woven Icespun Shawl4
Yeti Bone Earring5
Yeti Skin Boots3
Yeti Skin Gi6
Yeti Skin Gloves3
Yeti Skin Leggings5
Yeti Skin Shoulderpads4
Yeti Skin Tunic6
Yeti Skin Wristwraps3

Level 42 EquipmentEdit

Items for saleTokens
Belt of Dripping Ice5
D'ina's Frozen Loop5
Frosty Ring of Conjuring5
Frozen Fistwraps12
Glacial Cudgel of the Keep12
Gleaming Icy Shard12
Gleaming Mallet of the Brothers12
Glimmering Ice Linked Boots3
Glimmering Ice Linked Bracers3
Glimmering Ice Linked Chestpiece6
Glimmering Ice Linked Gloves3
Glimmering Ice Linked Leggings5
Glimmering Ice Linked Shoulders4
Glistening Hardened Ice Boots3
Glistening Hardened Ice Bracers3
Glistening Hardened Ice Breastplate6
Glistening Hardened Ice Gauntlets3
Glistening Hardened Ice Legplates5
Glistening Hardened Ice Spaulders4
Glistening Icicle Bracelet5
Ice Dragon Figurine10
Ice Pelting Longbow of the Keep12
Icy Keep Assigned Claymore12
Icy Ring of Marksmanship5
Melting Sword of the Keep12
Tailored Icespun Cuffs3
Tailored Icespun Gloves3
Tailored Icespun Pants5
Tailored Icespun Robe6
Tailored Icespun Sandals3
Tailored Icespun Shawl4
Towershield of Flattened Ice10
Vile Frosty Paw15
Vile Icy Paw15
Wand of Sparkling Ice12
Wand of Summoning Ice12
Yeti Fur Boots3
Yeti Fur Gi6
Yeti Fur Gloves3
Yeti Fur Leggings5
Yeti Fur Shoulderpads4
Yeti Fur Tunic6
Yeti Fur Wristwraps3
Yeti Tooth Hoop5

Level 32 EquipmentEdit

Items for saleTokens
Belt of Rejuvenating Ice5
D'ina's Frozen Hoop5
Freezing Bow of the Keep12
Freezing Sword of the Keep12
Frosty Ring of Marksmanship5
Glacial Cudgel of the Keep12
Gleaming Ice Linked Boots3
Gleaming Ice Linked Bracers3
Gleaming Ice Linked Chestpiece6
Gleaming Ice Linked Gloves3
Gleaming Ice Linked Leggings5
Gleaming Ice Linked Shoulders4
Glistening Ice Fistwraps12
Glistening Icy Shard12
Glistening Ring of Summoning5
Ice Dragon Totem10
Icy Keep Gifted Claymore12
Icy Mallet of the Brothers12
Old Yeti Hide Boots3
Old Yeti Hide Gi6
Old Yeti Hide Gloves3
Old Yeti Hide Leggings5
Old Yeti Hide Shoulderpads4
Old Yeti Hide Tunic6
Old Yeti Hide Wristwraps3
Small Frosty Paw15
Small Icy Paw15
Sparkling Hardened Ice Boots3
Sparkling Hardened Ice Bracers3
Sparkling Hardened Ice Breastplate6
Sparkling Hardened Ice Gauntlets3
Sparkling Hardened Ice Legplates5
Sparkling Hardened Ice Spaulders4
Sparkling Icicle Bracelet5
Towershield of Thick Ice10
Wand of Melting Ice12
Wand of Subjugating Ice12
Worn Icespun Cuffs3
Worn Icespun Gloves3
Worn Icespun Pants5
Worn Icespun Robe6
Worn Icespun Sandals3
Worn Icespun Shawl4
Yeti Molar Hoop5

Level 22 EquipmentEdit

Items for saleTokens
Belt of Sparkling Ice5
D'ina's Loop5
Dirty Icespun Cuffs3
Dirty Icespun Gloves3
Dirty Icespun Pants5
Dirty Icespun Robe6
Dirty Icespun Sandals3
Dirty Icespun Shawl4
Dull Hardened Ice Boots3
Dull Hardened Ice Bracers3
Dull Hardened Ice Breastplate6
Dull Hardened Ice Gauntlets3
Dull Hardened Ice Legplates5
Dull Hardened Ice Spaulders4
Freezing Longbow of the Keep12
Frosty Mallet of the Brothers12
Frosty Paw15
Glacial Cudgel of the Keep12
Glimmering Sword of the Keep12
Glistening Ring of Conjuring5
Ice Dragon Trinket10
Icicle Ring of Marksmanship5
Icy Keep Beginner's Claymore12
Icy Paw15
Icy Wand12
Melting Ice Linked Boots3
Melting Ice Linked Bracers3
Melting Ice Linked Chestpiece6
Melting Ice Linked Gloves3
Melting Ice Linked Leggings5
Melting Ice Linked Shoulders4
Small Icicle Bracelet5
Sparkling Ice Fistwraps12
Sparkling Icy Shard12
Stained Yeti Hide Boots3
Stained Yeti Hide Gi6
Stained Yeti Hide Gloves3
Stained Yeti Hide Leggings5
Stained Yeti Hide Shoulderpads4
Stained Yeti Hide Tunic6
Stained Yeti Hide Wristwraps3
Towershield of Ice10
Wand of Subjugating Frost12
Yeti Bone Hoop5

White and Blue Snowflake This article refers to events, personae and activities only present in-game during the annual Frostfell celebration. Frostfell comes to Norrath each year from (roughly) the second week of December to the first week of January.

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