Gerbi Frostfoot (Frostfell)

Gerbi Frostfoot (Frostfell)

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Merchant
Race Goblin
Zone Frostfell Wonderland Village (Shattered Lands)
Location On a small island, NE of the large island with Santa Glug ( 178, -36, -1312 ) /waypoint 178, -36, -1312


  1. Gerbi won't show you what he has to sell until you have completed any of the quests that take you into the The Icy Keep. This can be Mission Improbable... quest or the tradeskill quest Frostfell Decoration Committee: Permafrost!.
  2. If you are level 19 or below, he will sell you only the house items. Once you are level 20 and above, he will sell you armor, weapons, and other stat gear that is close to your level.
Additional Merchants

Merchant ItemsEdit

You can trade Gerbi Frozen Tokens of E'ci for the items he sells. Equipment offered is based on your level at the time of purchase.


House ItemsEdit

Building Blocks and TilesEdit

Display WeaponsEdit

General Decor and KnickknacksEdit

House PetsEdit

Ice-themed furnitureEdit



Seasonal DecorationsEdit


All of the following sell for 3 Frozen Token of E'ci:

Ice SculpturesEdit

All of the following sell for 20 Frozen Token of E'ci:

All of the following sell for 25 Frozen Token of E'ci:



Plants and ShrubsEdit

Consumables and Petamorph WandsEdit

Petamorph wands can only be used on combat pets (not on "fluff" pets).

All wands cost - 3 Frozen Token of E'ci

Appearance GearEdit

The items in this section have low or no stats, and are intended to act as fun items to enhance your look!

Stat EquipmentEdit

You must be at least level 20 to see the stat equipment Gerbi has for sale.

Level 100 EquipmentEdit

All level 100 armor costs 30 Frozen Token of E'ci

Level 100 Leather ArmorEdit

Level 100 Chain ArmorEdit

Level 100 Cloth ArmorEdit

Level 100 Plate ArmorEdit

Level 92 EquipmentEdit

All level 92 armor costs 20 Frozen Token of E'ci

Level 92 Leather ArmorEdit

Level 92 Chain ArmorEdit

Level 92 Cloth ArmorEdit

Level 92 Plate ArmorEdit

Level 82 EquipmentEdit

Level 82 Accessories and CharmsEdit

Level 82 Shields and WeaponsEdit

Level 72 EquipmentEdit

All level 72 armor costs X Frozen Token of E'ci

Level 72 Leather ArmorEdit

Level 72 Chain ArmorEdit

Level 72 Cloth ArmorEdit

Level 72 Plate ArmorEdit

Level 72 Accessories and CharmsEdit

Level 72 Shields and WeaponsEdit

Level 62 EquipmentEdit

All level 62 armor costs X Frozen Token of E'ci

Level 62 Leather ArmorEdit

Level 62 Chain ArmorEdit

Level 62 Cloth ArmorEdit

Level 62 Plate ArmorEdit

Level 62 Accessories and CharmsEdit

Level 62 Shields and WeaponsEdit

Level 52 EquipmentEdit

All level 52 armor costs X Frozen Token of E'ci

Level 52 Leather ArmorEdit

Level 52 Chain ArmorEdit

Level 52 Cloth ArmorEdit

Level 52 Plate ArmorEdit

Level 52 Accessories and CharmsEdit

Level 52 Shields and WeaponsEdit

Level 42 EquipmentEdit

All level 42 armor costs X Frozen Token of E'ci

Level 42 Leather ArmorEdit

Level 42 Chain ArmorEdit

Level 42 Cloth ArmorEdit

Level 42 Plate ArmorEdit

Level 42 Accessories and CharmsEdit

Level 42 Shields and WeaponsEdit

Level 32 EquipmentEdit

All level 32 armor costs X Frozen Token of E'ci

Level 32 Leather ArmorEdit

Level 32 Chain ArmorEdit

Level 32 Cloth ArmorEdit

Level 32 Plate ArmorEdit

Level 32 Accessories and CharmsEdit

Level 32 Shields and WeaponsEdit

Level 22 EquipmentEdit

All level 22 armor costs X Frozen Token of E'ci

Level 22 Leather ArmorEdit

Level 22 Chain ArmorEdit

Level 22 Cloth ArmorEdit

Level 22 Plate ArmorEdit

Level 22 Accessories and CharmsEdit

Level 22 Shields and WeaponsEdit

White and Blue Snowflake This article refers to events, personae and activities only present in-game during the annual Frostfell celebration. Frostfell comes to Norrath each year from (roughly) the second week of December to the first week of January.