Skill Mining These materials are collected with the Mining Skill. They produce Soft Metals and Gems.

  • Though they are primarily used by Jewelers to make gear (like jewelry) other classes use them as well.
  • All materials have a tier (T1, T2, etc.), which primarily describes a level range in relation to both the zones they are found in while gathering them and their use in tradeskilling.
  • For a list of zones they can be found in see the Harvesting Timeline.


Min Skill: 1

Type Item
Soft Metal (Common)lead cluster
Gem (Common)rough malachite
Soft Metal (Rare)copper cluster
Gem (Rare)rough lapis lazuli

Zone Node Name
Queen's Colonyunearthed ore
Outpost of the Overlordrugged ore
The Cavesrigid stone
The Forest Ruinsunearthed stones
Oakmyst Forestmoss encased stone
The Peat Bogmisty stone
The Graveyardexhumed stones
The Ruinsrustic stone
The Sprawlexcavated stone
Sunken Cityeroded stone
Greater Faydarkcrumbled stones
Darklight Wood (East)heavy stone
Timorous Deepdark stone
Frostfang Seaice-covered stone


Min Skill: 20

Type Item
Soft Metal (Common)electrum cluster
Gem (Common)rough turquoise
Soft Metal (Rare)silver cluster
Gem (Rare)rough coral
Imbueglowing material

Zone Node Name
Antonicasandwashed rock
Vale of the Shatteringsandwashed rock
The Commonlandswind swept rock
Greater Faydarkeroded rock
Darklight Wood (West)dense rock
Timorous Deepdense rock
Frostfang Seafrost-rimmed rock


Min Skill: 90

Type Item
Soft Metal (Common)gold cluster
Gem (Common)rough agate
Soft Metal (Rare)palladium cluster
Gem (Rare)rough jasper
Imbuesparkling material

Zone Node Name
The Thundering Steppeswind swept stones
Nektulos Foresteventide stone
Eternal Gorgewind swept stones
Butcherblock Mountainscrystalline formation


Min Skill: 140

Type Item
Soft Metal (Common)velium cluster
Gem (Common)rough opaline
Soft Metal (Rare)ruthenium cluster
Gem (Rare)rough opal
Imbueglimmering material

Zone Node Name
Zek, the Orcish Wastesmud stone
Cove of Decaymud stone
Enchanted Landsrhythmic stone
Bloodskull Valleywind swept rock
Steamfont Mountainscalcified rock


Min Skill: 190

Type Item
Soft Metal (Common)diamondine cluster
Gem (Common)rough bloodstone
Soft Metal (Rare)rhodium cluster
Gem (Rare)rough ruby
Imbueluminous material

Zone Node Name
Everfrostblizzard stone
Lavastormmetamorphic stone
Rivervalelithic stone
The Feerrotthermetic stone
Steamfont Mountainspellucid stone


Min Skill: 240

Type Item
Soft Metal (Common)beryllium cluster
Gem (Common)Rough Nacre
Soft Metal (Rare)vanadium cluster
Gem (Rare)Rough Pearl
Imbuelambent material

Zone Node Name
The Sinking Sandssand scoured stone
The Pillars of Flameluminous stone
The Lesser Faydarkluminous geode


Min Skill: 290

Type Item
Soft Metal (Common)azurite cluster
Gem (Common)rough topaz
Soft Metal (Rare)acrylia cluster
Gem (Rare)rough moonstone
Imbuescintillating material

Zone Node Name
Tenebrous Tangletwilight gem
The Barren Skybarren stone
The Bonemireweathered geode
Loping Plainsmurky geode


Min Skill: 340

Type Item
Soft Metal (Common)deklium cluster
Gem (Common)rough kunzite
Soft Metal (Rare)tynnonium cluster
Gem (Rare)rough fire emerald
ImbueSmoldering material

Zone Node Name
Kylong Plainsornamental geode
Fens of Nathsarfrontier geode
Kunzar Junglekunzite node
Jarsath Wastesexposed limestone
Moors of Ykeshablackened hermatite


Min Skill: 375

Type Item
Soft Metal (Common)quicksilver cluster
Gem (Common)amber
Soft Metal (Rare)kaborite cluster
Gem (Rare)ulteran diamond
Imbueethereal material

Zone Node Name
The Hole[information needed]
The Stonebrunt Highlandsa molten formation
The Sundered Frontiera molten formation


Min Skill: ?

Type Item
Soft Metal (Common)iridium cluster
Gem (Common)amethyst
Soft Metal (Rare)osmium cluster
Gem (Rare)black star sapphire
Imbueeffulgent material

Zone Node Name
Obol Plainsquixotic gem cluster


Min Skill: ?

Type Item
Soft Metal (Common)iodocus cluster
Gem (Common)uncut tourmaline
Soft Metal (Rare)lumium cluster
Gem (Rare)sapphire bixbite
Imbueincandescent material

Zone Node Name
Tranquil Seaexposed stone
Phantom Sea[information needed]


Min Skill: ?

Type Item
Root (Common)umbrite, bornite nodule
Root (Rare)lumicite
Imbuethaumic material

Zone Node Name
Thalumbra, the Ever Deepveined stone