Furl Ashenshatter

Furl Ashenshatter

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Channeler Trainer
Race Coldain
Zone Frostfang Sea (Tears of Veeshan)
Location New Halas Storage and Containment ( 81, 149, -83 ) /waypoint 80.92, 148.56, -83.39


Furl Ashenshatter says to you, "Welcome, Soandso. I am here if you have any questions."

You say to Furl Ashenshatter, "What advice do you have for a fellow channeler?"

Furl Ashenshatter says to you, "You will want to focus on your Wisdom and Stamina, if you can find items that enhance those abilities. Wisdom will help increase your spell potency and increase your mana pool, and Stamina will help you take more hits and last longer in combat."

You say to Furl Ashenshatter, "Great! What else should I know?"

Furl Ashenshatter says to you, "Conduits are your abilities. When you channel them, your Dissonance will grow. This increased Dissonance will disrupt your harmony with the Truespirit, and you will no longer be able to channel your Conduits. You are better served by keeping your Dissonance as low as possible in most circumstances."

You say to Furl Ashenshatter, "Okay, and what about my construct?"

Furl Ashenshatter says to you, "Your construct is your constant companion. It is nearly invincible, and even the most devastating attacks will usually just render it inoperable. It can absorb some of the damage of incoming attacks, and can mean the difference between life and death for you or an ally."

You say to Furl Ashenshatter, "What more can you tell me?"

Furl Ashenshatter says to you, "You can use the essences of animals to change the appearance and function of your construct. There are many creatures throughout our world, so I encourage you to experiment with them and see what suits your situation best."

You say to Furl Ashenshatter, "Thank you. I think that's all I need to know for now."


Shrink Mercenary1p 20g 150,000 status

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