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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Drowned Caverns
Journal Level Scales with player level upto level 60
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Sundered Splitpaw: Splitpaw Den more
How to Start Speak to Fral Fipfoot at ( -53, -65, -234 ) /waypoint -52.91, -65.15, -233.91
part of: Splitpaw Saga Timeline
Preceded by:
A Darkened Shard
Followed by:
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What does this information mean?


  1. Fral asks you to gather four intact gnoll furs in the Drowned Caverns, so that he may fashion a disguise.
  2. The sub-reward for this step is a mask with one charge of Gnoll Illusion.
  3. Fral then sends you back to the Drowned Caverns to kill 10 more Underpaw Gnolls.
  4. Find three scrolls, these are in the The Drowned Caverns: Flammable Fur instance, which is accessible at ( -18, 32, 12 ) /waypoint -18, 32, 12 in the Outer Grotto. Make sure to pick up the scrolls before you kill Garanim Brewgullet, otherwise you won't be able to complete the quest in that instance.
    • The scrolls can be found at: (can be picked up in any order)
      • ( -42, -1, -131 ) /waypoint -42, -1, -131 at the back of the zone
      • ( -138, 0, -130 ) /waypoint -138, 0, -130 by all the sleeping Garatch Nim overseers
      • ( -89, -1, -82 ) /waypoint -89, -1, -82 in the pig pen
    • Kill Garanim Brewgullet. ( -48, 5, -148 ) /waypoint -48, 5, -148


  • Experience
  • Counts toward Splitpaw Gnoll "Trust".

Related QuestsEdit


The quest is repeatable, but there is 1.5 hour lockout timer on the zone.

You need three "Trust" points with the Splitpaw Gnolls to advance to the the final azure shard quest. Completing this quest will give you one point.


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