For a categorical listing of Frostfell gifts, see Category:Frostfell Gifts.

Each (player) character on all accounts types can receive 1 gift from Santa Glug every 18 hours during Frostfell. These tend to be house items, food/drink, or festive attire. Most of the items are not NO-TRADE, so they can be traded around including bought and sold on the broker. No trade items can usually be sold to a merchant NPC.

2004 Winter GiftsEdit

All 2004 gifts were purchased, but included:

2005 Frostfell GiftsEdit

Music BoxesEdit

(play music when placed in apartment)


2006 Frostfell GiftsEdit

Snowglobes Edit

(they also play music in your apartment) LORE NO-VALUE



Food/Drink Edit

(received in stacks of 5, one stack of drink and one of food. Same as the buyable food from the Winter '04 holiday)



Gardy Giftgiver was the giftgiver in the years before 2008, but all his gifts were stolen and he was badly beaten as part of the 2008 storyline. Poor Gardy - his new title as of Frostfell 2008 is Gardy Ex-Giftgiver. Gardy was replaced with Santa Glug.





New item gallery:

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