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EverQuest II Achievement Information
Achievement Icon blue pie 5 Frostfell Feast Delights
Category: Live Events

Subcategory: Frostfell

Cook up enough Frostfell delights to feed the New Combine army!

Craft a Decorative Blue and White Striped Cane
Craft a Frostfell Soup Toureen
Craft Frostfell Roasted Veggies
Craft Figgy Pudding
Craft a Fancy Apple Pie
Craft Mama's Eggnog
Craft Frosted Apples
Craft Frostfell Shaped Cookies

Craft a Decorative Green and White Striped Cane
Craft a Classic Frostfell Mug
Craft a Frostfell Gravyboat
Craft a Plate of Citrus
Craft Gigglegibber Cranberry Sauce
Craft a Stuffed and Roasted Fowl
Craft a Frostfell Baked Ham
Craft a Moist Fruitcake

Festive Pine Garland

You get the achievement after crafting all 16 items. Items are made at the crafting stations in Frostfell Wonderland Village:

  • Frostfell Stove and Keg at Loc ( 73, -35, -1627 ) /waypoint 73, -35, -1627
  • Frostfell Workbench at Loc ( 333, -23, -1500 ) /waypoint 333, -23, -1500.

You can also craft in your personal house if you own the personal house version of the Frostfell Crafting Stations

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