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Froglok (Character Race)

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Froglok (Character Race)

from in-game Character Generation screen

Froglok (Character Race) Male

Froglok Male

Froglok (Character Race) Female

Froglok Female

Race Information
Home Cities: New Halas

Overview Edit

Frogloks are a short amphibious race native to the swamplands of Norrath. Fiercely devoted to Mithaniel Marr, the frogloks have a longstanding conflict with the trolls of Innothule Swamp. Over 400 years ago, their deity blessed some of them with a heightened intellect and enhanced physical features. Shortly thereafter, these frogloks drove the trolls out of the city of Grobb, renaming it Gukta, Outpost of Marr in honor of their master. In terms of architecture and design, the frogloks remain true to their primitive roots. They care little for ornamentation, preferring instead to surround themselves with reminders of their swampy home.

Though of relatively stout build, the frogloks are a sturdy and intelligent people. They are able to fulfill any class role that does not betray the inherent goodness of their beliefs.

Froglok Traditions Edit

Choose one of these every 10th level up to 90.
Name Effect Duration
Marr's Insight Grants a level-dependent increase to WIS.Passive
Focused Determination Grants a level-dependent increase to STA.Passive
Words of Honor Increases Ministration by 5.0. Passive
Guidance of Marr Improves the casting speed of beneficial spells by 2%. Passive
Memories of Guk Increases Parry, Defense, and Deflection by 5.0. Passive
Paladin's Shield Training Increases Deflection by 2.0 and Shield Effectiveness by 2.0%. Passive
Delayed Thirst Increases duration of tradeskilled drinks by 10%. Passive
Battle Ready Increases out-of-combat power regeneration based on level. Passive
Bind Wound Heals for 2.0% of max health while out of combat. 2.0 sec casting, recast 1.0 sec.
Last Second Hop Decreases falling damage by 15.0%. Passive
Focus of the ValorousIncreases mana pool by 3.0%.Passive
Spontaneous MetamorphosisIncreases health pool by 3.0%.Passive
Lightbringer's ProtectionIncreases arcane mitigation based on level.Passive
Slippery HideIncreases physical mitigation based on level.Passive
Noble CraftingIncreases Durability per round by 1.0 and success chance by 1.0%.Passive
Meticulous CraftsmanshipIncreases Durability per round by 2.Passive
Fervor of MarrLowers power cost of Armorer reaction arts by 10%.Passive
Zealotry of MarrIncreases Weaponsmith's Durability per round by 2.Passive
Scribings of the PiousIncreases Scribing by 5.0.Passive
Innate Abilities
AquavisionProvides clear vision underwater, removing any blur.2 hrs., recast 2 sec.
GillsAllows breathing underwater.Passive
HydromotionAllows walking and jumping underwater.Recast 20.0 sec., lasts until cancelled.
Marr's RejuvenationIncreases out-of-combat Health Regeneration by 4.0.Passive
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