Freeport Outlying Areas Timeline
Recommended Levels 5 to 15
Introduced: LU19
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: Sunken City or The Graveyard or The Sprawl]]

Prior to the revamp of Qeynos in LU64, new adventurers arrived from Queen's Colony in one of the Qeynos Villages some time between levels 5 and 10. They were then prompted to do the Qeynos Villages Timeline, which would then lead them either the Peat Bog (Starcrest Commune and Nettleville), Oakmyst Forest (Graystone Yard and Castleview Hamlet), or The Forest Ruins (The Baubbleshire and The Willow Wood). After completing their respective outlying area's short quest series, they would be directed to The Caves.

With the removal of the Qeynos Villages in LU64 and the questlines in Greater Faydark and Frostfang Sea actually rewarding usable gear, this timeline is essentially obsolete, but as of mid-2017 it is still in-game.

Sunken CityEdit

Inquisitor Thorson

  1. A Flowing Conversation (4)
  2. Spirits of the Night (6)
  3. Cataloging Local Critters (7)
  4. Finding the Investigator (8)
  5. Taking Back from the Blackshields (8) from Investigator Curfeld
  6. Finding the Shrine (8) from Investigator Curfeld
  7. Back to the Inquisitor (8) from Investigator Curfeld
  8. Time to Stop a Madman (6)
  9. Searching for the Ruins - sends you to Mooshga in the Commonlands Timeline or to Captain Arellius in the Ruins

Manius Galla

  1. Joining the Gang (10)
  2. Donations from the Banker (10)

Formerly in Beggar's Court, Manius Galla was moved to Sunken City with the removal of many low-level quests.

Other Sunken City questsEdit

Tilzak N`Lim

  1. Exotic Soups (10)

Gerbard the Snitch

  1. Gerbard's Coins (6)


  1. Lukur's Antiques (6)

The GraveyardEdit

Custodian Zaddar Sullissia

  1. The Door Knocker (6)
  2. Paying a Visit (6)
  3. Finding the Pages (7) from Keeper Varacus T`Kur
  4. Testing the Ward (7)
  5. Obtaining an Ancient Staff (8)
  6. The Book of the Dead (8)
  7. Repairing the Ward (9)
  8. Reporting to the Ruins (10)

Other Graveyard questsEdit

Zekvila Dizelk

  1. Bring Out Your Souls (9)

Durkix Kizzkin

  1. Bone Dust (6)

an Ethernere guard

  1. Soothing the Spirits of Marr (12)

Dropped Item questsEdit

Removed questsEdit

The SprawlEdit

Enforcer Kurdek

  1. Training Will Get You Everywhere (7)
  2. Bullying the Bully (8)
  3. Investigating the Black Magi (10)
  4. Show 'Em Who's Boss (11)
  5. Dominating the Dervish (9)
  6. Heading to the Ruins (10)

Crispin Luvinius

  1. Problem Solving (10)
  2. Advanced Problem Solving (9)

Liege Aquila

  1. Driving Back the Dervish (9)
  2. Managing the Magi (11)

Removed questsEdit

The RuinsEdit

This is the highest level quest series within Freeport, and has a heroic finale. You can start the Commonlands Timeline at the same time.

Captain Arellius

  1. Reporting for Duty (10)

Lieutenant Argosian

  1. Pawns in the Game (10)
  2. Pounding the Enemy (14)
  3. Prophet and Loss (13)

Captain Arellius

  1. Requesting Further Orders (14)
  2. Stepping Up the Offensive (15)

Lieutenant Imperidus

  1. Knock the Fight Out of 'Em (15 Heroic)
  2. Vengeance for Shoreside (13)
  3. Identifying the Lonetusk Ally
  4. File a Final Report
  5. A Journey Outside the City (10) - leads player to the Commonlands Timeline

Other Ruins questsEdit

  1. Anger-Fang (12) - from Mardyp Prunt

Removed Ruins questsEdit

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