The Item, Location, Quest, Mob or NPC referred to by this page has been removed from EverQuest II.
This article is being retained for historical reasons
Revamp with LU62, see The City of Freeport and The City of Freeport Timeline

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EverQuest II Player Housing Information
Introduced Shattered Lands
City Freeport
Zone Inns in all Freeportian Village zones
Cost 5s (Free to new characters)
Upkeep 5s
Rooms 1
Vault Slots 6
Max Sales Display 2

What does this information mean?

This is the starter Inn Room for all Freeport villages. They now have two rooms.

All of these inn rooms were moved to the The Jade Tiger's Den and have been renamed Jade Tiger's Den Basic Inn Room. Because all of the housing from the villages was moved to one door ( -89, -21, -84 ) /waypoint -89.32, -21.43, -84.14, the door now lists each inn room with the number 1-6. If you are looking for your old home from a village, it's easy to find. You can automatically travel to any home you own without going to the door:

  1. When you are in a major player-city press C and look for the Housing tab; there you'll see a list of homes you own.
All of the old inn rooms have been renamed, but will have their 5 silver upkeep under the name.
  1. Pay rent if needed.
  2. Click on the Access button to open and use the new housing window and enter.