Just curious at what you rangers out their, built your up like Predator wise, and Ranger wise on the traits.

Have you seen the post at eq2flames in their Ranger forum? I don't play a ranger, but maybe some of that info will help a little.--Kodia 20:00, 8 May 2008 (UTC)


~Audune here from Nek server (and Vox, but I'm retiring that Character I think) - My Ranger currently went all out for the utilities. Maxed out my Pathfinding and Out of Combat and In Combat movement speed, then got the Pet AA Charm, and maxed out my Ranged Crit Chance and Double Attack Chance in the Predator and Ranger tree's.

I'm going up in the STR line now in Predator for the enhanced Parry skill, then if they up the Cap in that Section of the AA (Predator) I'll hopefully add points down I believe the Stamana line for the Defense Bonus.

I'll keep that build until I hit 80, where I'll problably drop the Pet AA and put it into buffing up my Poison tree's in both Predator and Ranger.

I'm 65 now as I write this. The reasoning for this is alot of my time is Solo so I like to be able to cover alot of ground really quick, and if I need help, I "enlist" the local animal life. The Charm is really strong, lasts for me alot of times up to the full 24 Minutes, and I can usually Charm something anywhere between 8 to 10 levels higher than I am. But once I hit 80 and my bigger concentration will be on the Raid Support and Damage, I'll drop the Pet stuff (cuz animals arn't everywhere) and use it for the Poisons (which are a big help). With the new expansion coming up, this might change based on what's availible, but hopefully we'll know in less than 2 days, hehe.

Good Luck, and Good Hunting should you choose the path of a Ranger.~—Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs)

I fell behind on AA, and let it get pretty low compared to my level, but I did pretty much the same as Audune, by first getting the speed buffs (pathfinding is good since it gives your whole group the speed boost) Then the pet mez (befriend animal) I am now working towards getting the blademaster rank. I also recommend upgrading your skills to grandmaster based on the ones you use the most.

-Ashnard from Mistmoore server

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