{{NamedInformation |

iname    = | 
zone     = Hold of Rime: The Ascent|
patch    = Destiny of Velious|
race     = |
level    = 94 heroic ^^^ | 
levelmod = | 
diff     = | 
hp       = | 
location = | 
mapref   = |
uid      = |
drops    = 
group    = | 
respawn  = | 
ph       = | 
primedmg = | 
primemag = | 
specials = | 
resists  = |
rquests  = |
aaxp     = | 
sp       = | 


There are a total of three bosses in this fight, but only one can be damaged at a time (other others will stoneshield).

Ocassionally one of them will taunt the tank so you need to keep track of your target, they will also stun and root the tank so getting some aggro on them and ensuring they do not get past the tank to attack the party is important.

The main difficulty with this fight is that they do hit hard, so I would recommend that the party anticipates for the damage by using abilities such as stoneshield etc, especially while all three of the enemy are alive.

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