Focus is a skill used by all Spells and by all classes. It demonstrates how well you maintain your concentration in battle. The higher your focus skill, the better able you are to cast spells while under attack. The focus skill helps decrease the chance that you will be interrupted when using a skill or a device while being attacked. Having an abundance of Focus ability can also allow casting while moving at very low speeds.

  • Focus also skill increases the minimum damage of Spell Weapons (Ranged Focus Items)

Ideas For Training FocusEdit

  • Look for a Rose of Innoruuk (the purple mushroom only found in Nektulos Forest) that is scattered throughout the zone. Run through the mushroom and collect items from the site quickly. While you are collecting, you will be disturbed by the mushroom's DoT effect and your focus skill will occasionally increase. This trick does not work for two other poisonous plants in the forest.
  • The Dire Wolf Timeline (Level 60+) in the Loping Plains can give focus boosts. The aim is to leash the wolves. They will attack and interrupts thus giving the boost.
  • Gather up a swarm of monsters on the low end of green con and continuously cast Call to Home and make a macro with /cancel_spellcast to interrupt the spell if it isn't interrupted by the monsters. Let the spell complete if you are in danger of dieing or use escape / evac then repeat again. Lots of skill ups!

Skill CapEdit

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