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This page, Florence's Templates, is Deprecated in favor of Category:Florence's Templates.
This means we are in the process of making some changes here at EQ2i and, for the time being, information is listed in 2 places.
Click on Category:Florence's Templates to see the new information.
When the changeover is complete, this page will be removed. Please avoid using this page as a reference in any articles you write.

NOTE: Despite my addition of the Deprecated tag, above, I will clean this up at my own pace. No help needed, thanks. Florence Sopher of Lucan D'Lere

I wanted to collect links to all my templates in one place, to make it easy to pull them up, look for holes, etc.

ADMINS: If you KNOW what you are doing and wanna correct one of my templates, please don't break it! If I find a broken template the first thing I will do is revert it to the last version I modified!

If you think one of these templates needs something done, PLEASE do me the courtesy of noting what needs fixing/changing on the templates discussion page and I will consider it. I have ALL of my templates on my watchlist so I WILL see your note. Thanks!

Most of my major templates are grouped in clumps of 6 pages: A linker (for contribs to refer to the article), an Info page (for the article itself), a Help: file for the linker and another for the info template. All Information templates also have an Example intended to use with subst: to pull a skeleton into a page you are working on, and a Help file for users to explain the output. Of course you can just use cut and paste from the Help: page.





This is for EQUIPABLE items such as armor, weapons, charms, etc.


This is for NON-EQUIPABLE items such as food, drink, a quest item, etc.

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